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As today’s companies continue to adapt to the ever-changing business world, their need for top talent also continues to evolve. In response, staffing agencies are looking for ways to streamline their processes to stay competitive and provide their clients with the cream of the crop when it comes to workforce resources. To help them achieve their goals more efficiently, many of today’s staffing companies have introduced recruiting automation into their daily operations. 

Benefits of Using Recruiting Automation Software 

As technology continues to evolve, we get introduced to more innovative business tools, most of which allow us to automate our processes. Automation helped a large number of businesses in the recruitment industry run smoother, better recruitment processes. If you plan to automate your recruiting, here are five ways recruiting automation can be beneficial for your business. 

1. Reduce time-to-hire. 

To make the most of your recruitment resources, you should always aim to reduce your hiring turnaround time. The time you are spending from the moment you initially contacted your candidates until they accept the job offer is your time-to-hire. Statistics show that hiring time can vary from 14 to 63 days, depending on what industry you are hiring for. But some companies can shorten their time-to-hire to one day. 

Based on a recent LinkedIn report, automation through artificial intelligence has helped hiring managers improve the way they hire. They also found recruiting automation to be most helpful in sourcing, screening, nurturing, and scheduling candidates. With less time spent on these phases of your recruitment, you can focus your manpower on tasks that will require more engagement and accomplish your hiring goals faster. 

2. Enhance the quality of hire. 

One of the biggest challenges of recruitment companies nowadays is delivering quality hires to clients. The demand for top talent will always be high, and if you don’t employ an efficient recruiting strategy, you will lose out on the best candidates in the talent market. To help you retain a good quality of hire, you should use recruiting automation tools to help you find, engage, interview, and hire the best professionals for your clients. 

You can use automation tools to nurture a strong talent pipeline and run an efficient recruitment process. By keeping your recruitment processes efficient and candidate-friendly, you will keep the candidates engaged with your recruitment team, which will help improve the quality of the candidate experience you deliver. Moreover, as more and more candidates see you as a recruitment brand worth trusting and partnering with, it will become less challenging for you to entice the right talent to apply for the jobs you are hiring for. 

3. Maintain bias-free hiring. 

Diversity and inclusivity remain to be very sensitive topics when it comes to recruitment. It’s easy to say that you have a bias-free hiring process, but it’s not always easy to commit to being 100% objective. So, what is the best way for you to stay committed to a bias-free recruiting strategy? 

To maintain a fair and bias-free hiring process, you should have a solid recruitment structure that allows you to assess the candidates using the same criteria. This gives all applicants an equal opportunity to showcase their knowledge, skills, and qualifications for the job you are hiring for. But human nature can sometimes impact your hiring process, no matter how structured it is. To help you keep your hiring process fair and objective, recruiting automation can come in handy. 

By automating your screening and assessment processes, you can remove any unconscious bias that may be impacting your recruitment team’s ability to hire a more diverse group of professionals. 

4. Streamline recruiting strategy. 

The quality of your recruiting strategy will help determine the success of your hiring endeavors. By creating a standard process that uses the right tools and resources, you can empower your recruitment team and be more effective in sourcing and hiring the right professionals for your clients.   

The use of recruiting automation tools can help you improve a number of your business processes and reduce inefficiencies that might be impacting your team’s overall productivity. Here are some processes that you can automate for a leaner recruitment strategy.  

  • Posting of job adverts 
  • Pre-screening of candidates 
  • Processing and reviewing candidate assessments 
  • Scheduling interviews 
  • Engaging with and nurturing your talent pool 
  • Ranking of candidates 
  • Assessing candidate experience 

There are plenty of software selections available nowadays when it comes to recruiting automation. However, before deciding which tools to use to streamline your recruitment process, you should first take into consideration the following: 

  • Niche. There are niche-specific recruitment tools available in the market to help you recruit professionals the healthcare, IT, accountancy, law, security, or other specific niches.  
  • Manpower. You should take into account the number of people in your team. If you are working with a small number of people, automation of certain processes will come in handy.  
  • Finances. How much budget can you allot to purchase recruiting automation software?  
  • Processes. What specific parts of business operations do you think you will need to automate?  
  • Integrations. You might want to look into which tools you can add that will smoothly integrate with the ones you currently have in place.  
  • Support Availability. If you have questions or encounter issues with the recruiting automation software you are using, how easy will it be for you to reach out for support? 

By taking the time to look into these components, you will be able to narrow down your selections and pick out the best tools to use to streamline your recruiting process. 

5. Upgrade candidate experience. 

By now, you may already know how crucial candidate experience is when it comes to bolstering your hiring process. With every step your candidates have to take before they get hired, you should always see that they are having a smooth experience dealing with your recruitment team.  

To better understand the quality of your candidate experience, you should have a survey process in place, ideally across all phases of your recruitment process. But sending out survey requests need not be painstaking. Instead, you can easily automate this process and integrate it into your recruitment process efficiently. 

With an online reputation management software like Great Recruiters, it’s easy to keep a watchful eye on how your recruiters are performing and if they are consistently delivering top-notch candidate experience. 

Improve Your Hiring Process through Recruiting Automation Tools 

Empowering your recruitment team means more than just processing training and creating a concrete hiring strategy. By using the right automation tools for recruiters, you can set your team up for success. 

Automating your recruiting processes is one way of streamlining your strategy and reducing inefficiencies. By improving your team’s overall performance, great candidate experience will follow suit. Recruitment process efficiency goes hand in hand with candidate experience; thus, automating a number of your processes will also impact the public’s perception of the candidates towards your brand. 

If you want to have better visibility of the quality of your recruitment process, add Great Recruiters to your recruiting automation tools. Through Great Recruiters, you can easily measure and analyze your recruitment team’s performance across all phases of your recruitment process. 

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