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Easily Measure What Matters Most

With Great Recruiters you can easily collect feedback at the most meaningful points for your candidates, clients, and staff. Our ReviewPrints® make it easy by providing a template and framework for all the most commonly used reviews in your industry. ReviewPrints® take the guesswork out of what questions to ask and when. That means time saved, more reviews, better feedback, improved training, increased retention, and more referrals.

Core Reviews

  • Recruiter reviews
  • Client reviews
  • Compliance reviews
  • Onboarding training reviews
  • On assignment reviews

External Reviews

  • Reviews directed straight to managers
  • Placed talent reviews
  • Client end reviews

Internal Reviews

  • Leadership reviews
  • Core value reviews
  • Onboarding experience

Great Experiences Start With Great Recruiters

Everyone wants to work with the best recruiters. To become the best, you need to understand what is working and what isn’t in the experiences you are providing. Great Recruiters enables you to leverage real-time feedback so you can quickly identify issues and build on the strengths. Measuring and improving becomes motivating for teams and individual recruiters and ensures a great experience from start to finish for candidates and clients.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

It’s been a great resource since day one! It’s been a great way for our recruiters to see what their clinicians think and a great way to show them exactly what they need to work on. It’s also a fun competition factor for the more competitive recruiters and a great way to have a tangible reference to our top performers besides just with revenue.

Rachel V.

Training and Development Specialist
Healthcare Staffing
(201-500 employees)

Fuel Your Marketing Engine With Testimonials and Awards

We live in a reviews economy. Everyone looks at reviews before they buy, including your candidates and clients. The reviews and testimonials you collect on Great Recruiters will boost your Google Reviews and can easily be shared via social media to help supercharge your brand and reputation. As you build momentum, your organization and individual recruiters can earn awards and badges to prove that you are a level above the competition.

“It is a two fold win – I get to see that my recruiters are going above and beyond to provide great service, and it easily lets our candidates rate us and review us…which is very helpful for our social media, website, and Google reviews. So, its easy to use, adds value all around, great support, and economical. RESULTS: After about 2 months using, we have gone from 2 google reviews and a 3.2 star to 10 google reviews and 5 star. We have gotten 2 referrals we otherwise would not have gotten and overall we have received 32 reviews and 4.83 rating out of 5, and twice a week our reviews are shared to our social media accounts, which is automated and certainly gets us noticed.”

Logan B

Partner and CTO
Staffing and Recruiting
(11-50 employees)

Supercharge Your Referral Pipeline

The Great Recruiter referral tool will put your stellar reputation and happy talent roster to work for you. Placed talent or not, as a Great Recruiter you cultivate meaningful relationships with your candidates. We make it easy to turn your happy candidates into a referral source. Just hang onto your hat. A referral flood will be coming your way.

Great Recruiters has made a difference in both our staff interview/selection process and client turnover/retention. The software provides surveys to our candidates/employees throughout the hiring process for us to understand where best practices are and any training in the field that needs to happen. This in turn has drastically decreased our client turnover ratios especially within the first 10 days on assignment. We are making stronger hiring decisions and longer term placements due to Great Recruiters. Our Recruiters enjoy the leaderboard and knowing where they stack to their peers.

Kelly P.

Senior Vice President
Staffing and Recruiting
(51-200 employees)

great recruiters dashboard

Improve, Motivate, and Retain

Understand where you can improve in real-time. Decrease onboarding and training time by having a proven playbook of what’s working and what isn’t. Leverage the team and individual dashboards to motivate and gamify for your team. Increase earning potential and employee satisfaction by celebrating the great feedback.

GR helps us to find pain points with our recruiters and coach them through them. We also have been able to tie monetary incentives to the amount of reviews left. It’s helping us get better and provide additional motivation for our team

Michael L

Founder and CEO
Healthcare Staffing
(51-200 employees)

Recognize Greatness in Real-Time

Motivate through praise and at the moment of success. Waiting to celebrate wins stops momentum from building. Every good reviews that rolls in is a job well done that can be celebrated individually or as a team. As you collect more reviews, individual recruiters and your organization will earn Great Recruiter awards to validate and help showcase your achievements. 

great recruiters linkedin reviews

“We have used Great Recruiters since the beta stage. The tool has grown and improved significantly over the years. The setup is very easy and it integrates seamlessly with our ATS (Bullhorn). There is a lot of customization in the tool to time when review requests go out and what questions are asked. This tool has been such a great feedback tool for our whole team. It also creates great transparency for candidates as they can see unfiltered reviews on all of our recruiters. The online portal quickly allows users to update their profiles and push reviews out to social.”

Tim G.

Managing Partner
IT Staffing and Recruiting
(10-50 employees)

Do You Want to Survive or THRIVE?

Modern recruiters and agencies are THRIVING by following new trends and evolving with the recruiting industry. Traditional recruiters and agencies are just trying to survive, clinging to their old methods and slowly watching their talent retire. 

Traditional Recruiters

Get blindsided by negative public reviews

Be subject to traditional recruiter stereotypes and a legacy approach with declining results

Face a steadily shrinking candidate pool filled with low talent, difficult to place candidates

No clear path to becoming a better recruiter or learning what modern candidates want

Modern Recruiters

Proactively ask for feedback. Fix problems internally before they snowball publicly

Build trust and transparency by collecting reviews, improving recruiter performance, and sharing your wins

Leverage reviews and your positive online reputation to elevate your brand and attract high quality talent

Always be improving and staying in step with candidates needs by following your real time data

Learn How You Can Win More with Great Recruiters