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7 Ways to Automate Your Recruiting Process

Nov 23, 2021

Efficiency is key to achieving success, especially in the very competitive staffing and recruitment landscape. If you want to stay ahead of the game, it will be a wise move to automate your recruiting process.  

In fact, according to a recent recruiting automation report, 80% of recruiters surveyed believe that they can increase their productivity through recruiting automation. Additionally, 71% of recruiters surveyed are relying on intelligent tools to process data for them. 

Now pondering what can you automate in recruitment? Or for some of you, what else can you automate? Here’s a curated list you may use as a reference. 

1. Posting of job adverts 

Before getting started with your hiring, one thing you will need to worry about is preparing your job adverts. It’s one of the most important steps in your recruiting strategy, as the quality of the job adverts you create and share will greatly impact the success of your whole recruitment approach. With that in mind, you also wouldn’t want your team to focus most of their time and energy on posting your job adverts, especially if you are hiring in volume. 

The solution: automate it. Use a recruiting software that allows you to automatically share your job post across multiple job boards and candidate sourcing platforms. All your recruiters have to do is prepare the job description and the adverts for the positions you are hiring for, then add them into your automated system. Then, they can send out the job adverts in one go or schedule them to post at a specified time and date. That’s lots of your recruiters’ hours and energy saved, so they can focus on more essential tasks. 

2. Candidate pre-screening 

Pre-screening allows you to save time from interviewing candidates that don’t meet some of your hiring requirements. For example, for pre-screening questions like “Are you willing to travel?” or “Are you willing to work virtually from 8 am to 5 pm UTC on weekdays?”, your recruiters won’t have to manually check answers and know who qualifies to the next screening level.  

As part of the ways to automate your recruiting process, you can use recruiting software that allows you to immediately filter through candidates based on their responses to your pre-screening questions. This way, your recruiters will only need to go through the CVs of qualified applicants. 

3. Shortlisting and rejection process 

Another task that may be consuming much of your manpower is your shortlisting and rejection process. If you want to automate your process, this recruitment phase should be a part of that. Recruiting software has an applicant ranking system that makes it easier for recruiters to identify shortlisted and rejected candidates. These filtering activities allow them to shorten also the time spent on recruiting the right candidate for the job. 

4. Interview scheduling 

If you are hiring in volume, your recruiters might find it challenging to schedule multiple interviews regularly. If not done properly, scheduling candidate interviews won’t just impact your team’s hiring efficiency but also affect the quality of the candidate experience you deliver. 

Take the scheduling process off of your recruiters’ hands and automate it. Some of the best recruiting software in the market can automatically schedule qualified candidates for an interview, depending on your interviewers’ availability. Whether it’s the first or the final interview, the schedule will go straight to your recruitment team’s calendar and notify them of any upcoming interviews. 

5. Candidate communications 

Communication is a crucial part of your recruiting strategy and should be given great value as it can impact candidate experience. If you want to make sure that you maintain constant and effective communications with your candidates, automate some of your communications. Here are some communications that you can set up automatically: 

  • Updates on ongoing processes based on the specific hiring stage a candidate is in  
  • Sending of exam results, including the next steps a qualifier should take   
  • Important reminders and tips to help candidates succeed in their application  
  • Interview or exam schedules  
  • Congratulatory message for qualified applicants  
  • Rejection email  
  • Feedback request for recruitment performance improvement 

Some of the top recruiting software in the market can also help you set up these messages to be sent to multiple recipients in one go via email, chat, or text. Additionally, you can set up a chatbot to automatically respond to specific questions based on the identification details a candidate will provide. You can also create an automated message to notify all successful applicants what their next steps will be. 

6. Evaluation process 

When hiring for positions that require a specific technical skillset, you will sometimes need to provide a skills test to your applicants. But when working with multiple candidates, evaluating their test results might eat up a lot of time if the testing process is not streamlined. You can automate your recruiting team’s approach toward testing the skills of candidates. There is a large selection of assessment tools available online, which allows you to create the test easily, share it with your candidates, and receive the details of the exam results. This way, you won’t have to check each assessment manually. 

Additionally, if your recruitment team has advanced recruiting software in place, you can also set up an automated evaluation process. Many recruiting software can help you keep track of each candidate’s progress while going through your recruitment process, including their interview and assessment scores. This can make things easier for your team as they can make decisions on who to hire and onboard just by checking each candidate’s information on a dashboard. 

7. Candidate experience management 

Candidate experience is a crucial element of every recruiting strategy. To improve your recruitment process, you need to have a better understanding of how your candidates perceive your processes. 

For instance, are your recruiters helpful and professional? Is your recruitment process candidate-friendly and easy to follow? Are the assessments suitable for the position they are being recruited for? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you enhance your recruiting strategy and improve the quality of the candidate experience your recruiting brand delivers. 

With that in mind, if you don’t employ the right tools and processes for experience management, your efforts to gather feedback from candidates might be futile. Using experience and reputation management software, you can automate your feedback requests and keep track of every feedback given about your recruiters and the whole hiring process. 

Automate Your Recruiting Process and Empower Your Team 

 If you have not yet looked into how to automate your recruiting process, then you might already be lagging behind your competitors. Automation is now an integral part of business processes across all industries, including recruitment and staffing.  

By improving your recruitment strategy through automation, you won’t just be able to boost your team’s productivity but also successfully elevate the quality of your candidate experience.  

Take advantage of a recruiting and experience management software like Great Recruiters, see how you can automate the way your measure and manage your candidate experience, and start paving a better path toward a stronger recruitment brand. 

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