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Excellent Customer Service as the Best Form of Brand Management

Excellent Customer Service as the Best Form of Brand Management

Jun 1, 2021

Your recruitment brand is at the fore of your business. It comprises experiences, ideas, and feelings at every touchpoint and interaction you have with customers. How candidates perceive your recruitment brand will significantly affect your business. That’s why it’s necessary that you take measures to ensure that a positive candidate experience is delivered every time. 

One of the best ways to manage your brand is through customer service—ensuring the satisfaction of your candidates with every interaction. Here lies your opportunity to make a lasting impression and positively affect how people feel and think toward your recruitment brand. In a staffing firm’s case, your business is your recruitment process, and one of your customer segments is your candidates/prospective employees. 

As with any business, providing excellent customer service should be a priority and should not be overlooked. Applying this to the hiring process, the satisfaction of your candidates is crucial to managing your recruitment brand, where customer service plays an indispensable role in your recruiting success. So, it’s about time that you make delivering top-notch candidate experience imperative in your branding strategies. 

Why is Customer Service Valuable in Recruitment?

Recruiters are the first touchpoints that candidates will have—whether directly through an interview or indirectly through a job posting. Your recruitment team is at the center of your customer service, and it’s important that they know the impact of every interaction on the candidate experience.  

Keeping in mind that candidate experience hinges significantly on candidate perception and expectations, how your recruiters serve the candidates throughout the entire hiring process will dramatically impact how your brand will be perceived. This is where recruiter skills come into play—communication skills, timeliness, and authenticity. Those skills are core to ensuring customer satisfaction. Management of candidate expectations, timely application updates, and strategic yet authentic interview approaches will make a difference in managing your brand.   

As you move your business forward in a candidate-driven job market, true customer service is the key to setting your brand apart. Not only does this help manage your reputation, but this can also build your talent pipeline with a ready pool of talents you have a good relationship with that you can tap into any time. Referrals can also come easy as your successful hires do the marketing for you.  

Delivering Excellent Customer Service Consistently

Your customer experience and your brand must always be aligned. When done right, it not only sets your business apart but also boosts brand loyalty. Top-notch candidate experience results in a sustainable advantage over competitors and helps you attract new clients. While top-rated customer service is a big feat that’s easier said than done, you will better understand how to deliver it consistently when you have the data and metrics on hand to measure your team’s performance. 

With the right tools and insights, you can push your customer service three notches higher without breaking a sweat. All it takes is one click, and you’ve got a database of service experience feedback and recruiter ratings right in front of you. This is the beauty of having an experience management platform such as Great Recruiters.   

Great Recruiters is specifically designed for staffing firms, so we know just how important customer service is. Not only that, but we also have first-hand knowledge of how challenging it can be to deliver a consistent and satisfactory candidate experience every single time. Our platform is tailor-made to provide the best solutions in the most efficient and easiest way possible, so you spend less time doing the heavy lifting and put more time into making meaningful connections with your customers. We take care of the groundwork so you can focus on your candidates.  

Here are three ways Great Recruiters can help you deliver good customer service and reinforce your recruitment brand:  

1. Align your recruitment process to all touchpoints and interactions. 

When it comes to the hiring process, the service mindset of your recruitment team must be aligned with your recruitment brand and felt by customers in all your touchpoints. The goal is to make sure your team reflects the excellence your brand sets for your hiring process. A disorganized recruitment process is a nightmare for any candidate and will cause them to look for opportunities elsewhere. On top of this, one recruiter’s mistake is all it takes to make a negative impression. So, how exactly do you monitor your candidate satisfaction at each touchpoint and ensure an efficient recruitment process?  

The answer: Customer feedback. 

Staffing firms have the enormous responsibility of ensuring meaningful connections are made as candidates go through a highly structured recruitment process. And because not all interaction is done face-to-face, keeping your recruitment process in step is even more challenging. That’s why we built Great Recruiters. Your best asset is your candidate reviews. There’s no better way than to hear it from the people you serve on how best to align your recruitment process and reflect the customer service that your brand desires.  

Our experience management platform captures and provides real-time feedback at selected touchpoints in the candidate’s journey, so you can adjust and align your recruitment process proactively as needed. Our software evaluates each candidate’s response on micro-interactions, so your recruiters can optimize the outcome of each candidate engagement.  

2. Measure your recruiter performance, and equip them with the insights they need to deliver the best service. 

Delivering top-notch customer service is easy when they know what they did wrong and what they did right. Recruiter performance goes hand in hand with an efficient recruitment process. Measuring each recruiter’s performance will help them get on top of their game and embrace career growth. But they need insights to know which direction to go and what practice to adjust. Your recruiters are the people who grow your firm, so invest in them and provide them with the tools they need to deliver the best candidate experience

With Great Recruiters, your team has a concrete idea of the experience they provide. We’re more than just an automated feedback system; we’re a data visualization of user-curated content and referrals. Our dashboards and data visualizations reflect your team’s performance, letting you and them know how well they are doing and how much more they need to be equipped in facilitating candidate experience better. Insights like these can help you spot mistakes before they turn into issues, identify best practices and apply them to the whole team, and increase productivity by fostering healthy competition between your recruiters through the built-in leader board. 

3. Align your brand of customer service with your candidates’ needs to provide opportunities for more meaningful connections and deliver long-term value. 

Recruitment is essentially matchmaking. You pair the best candidate with the most suited company and position. It’s a two-way street, and your client isn’t the only one who has requirements.  

Your candidates will have different needs according to their desired career growth, skills, and cultural preference. Communication is key, and listening is primary. Listen to them to effectively meet their needs. Be discerning what they are looking for in a job and employer and weigh in their requests as best as you can. This is how you provide the best form of customer service and deliver long-term value. 

Because Great Recruiters captures candidate feedback at important touchpoints, your team can know what exactly is going on in your candidate’s minds. This allows you to listen to them throughout the different touchpoints and know whether you’re on the same page in the opportunities you deliver. By having a more holistic view of the entire hiring process, you’re able to ensure you deliver long-term value according to what your candidate needs. 

Manage your brand better with a tool tailored to your business in every way.

Easily measure the quality of your services and candidate satisfaction through our experience management platform that can help you align your recruitment process with your brand and give you better control over the candidate experience you deliver. Your team’s learning and development opportunities will be tailor-fit, and you can effectively set them up for success. Effective brand management will follow as you equip your team with the tools you need to be ahead of the game. 

You don’t have to be hovering at your recruiters all the time to be on top of your recruiter brand’s candidate experience; you will only need to view your Great Recruiters dashboard.

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