Review a Recruiter

When it comes to the recruiting industry, transparency barely exists. There’s no way for candidates to know if they’re working with a quality recruiter before investing time with them. As for the recruiters themselves, it’s difficult to know if they’re doing a good job unless they receive staffing referrals—a sure sign of success.

Candidates and recruiters alike need a platform that solves this issue—a platform that allows candidates to leave honest reviews, find quality recruiters, and leave referrals; and allows recruiter to receive real-time feedback and find resources to help them improve.

Great Recruiters is the candidate experience platform that brings transparency to the recruiting industry like never before. This is how recruiters can receive reviews and staffing referrals to know if they’re successful, and where they can improve.

Get the Candidate Referrals You Deserve

There are a lot of great recruiters who don’t get the candidate referrals they deserve. The main reason is that they simply forget to ask, or they don’t want to sound pushy. But if you put in the work, you shouldn’t lose out on candidate referrals for any reason.

Great Recruiters drives better staffing referrals by automatically asking for referrals from those candidates who rate their experience and engagement high with a recruiter when they fill out a review for you. It takes the pressure off you so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect moment to ask for a referral.

Here’s how you can gain more referrals through Great Recruiters.

Referrals: A Sure Sign of Success

If you’ve earned a referral, it means that you’ve provided an excellent experience to the candidate you’ve been working with. People don’t recommend products, services, or people (i.e., recruiters) to their family and friends unless they trust whatever, or whomever, they’re recommending.

If a candidate gives you a referral, it means you’ve done your job well and others recognize it. You earned their trust by investing time, energy, and interest into your candidate, and you delivered on the promises you made to them.

Access to a Deeper Talent Pool

Receiving referrals also means access to a deeper talent pool, which helps recruiters do their jobs better. Many candidates don’t exist on job boards and that’s why most recruiters would go through lengths to boost their referral marketing. So when you receive someone’s contact information, you can trust that this referral is going to be a higher quality candidate than anyone you’re cold-calling.

Because so many of the best candidates aren’t actively looking for jobs, staffing referrals are one of the best ways to find them. The fact that they are coming from someone with whom you’ve already built a relationship increases the chance that they’re a highly qualified candidate who will fit into your pipeline. And when you have better candidates in your pipeline, it’s easier to fill jobs. Even though recruiting involves more than simply filling jobs, placing the right candidate in the right position boosts your professional reputation as a recruiter.

Great Recruiters: Show how great you are

Great Recruiters is the only candidate experience platform that allows candidates to leave feedback on your performance—and this feedback is displayed in an easy-to-understand format for everyone to see. Reviews and staffing referrals certainly aren’t the same thing, and you may not get a referral with every good review—but when job seekers are looking for a recruiter and see that you’re Great Recruiters-certified, they’ll know that you’re the kind of recruiter they should work with.

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