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The recruitment industry has gone through a number of changes in the past few years, especially after the pandemic has changed the way we approached normal business operations. Now that almost everything is done online, recruitment firms have now shifted their strategies and adapted to the change by improving their recruitment process. Additionally, now that the general public has become more conscious of various social issues, having an impactful recruitment strategy can help give you a stronger stance as a brand. 

How to Create and Maintain an Impactful Recruitment Strategy 

To help you get ahead of the game and become a trusted brand in the staffing industry, here are five things you should put into practice to maintain an impactful recruitment strategy and stay progressive. 

1. Value mental health and family-friendly benefits. 

With the importance of mental health being given spotlight nowadays, it’s important to offer candidates benefits that will help support not just their physical health, but also their mental well-being. 

As more and more candidates are now prioritizing their well-being when choosing jobs, recruiters need to start communicating these trends to their clients. Give some guidance and encourage your client’s talent acquisition team to review their offers. It will be a good idea to include in the employment benefits various support programs like counselling and stress management, working parent support programs, telehealth services and the like. 

If expanding their benefits is not an option for your clients, then you can encourage your client to simply implement some initiatives that can help support employee well-being. Holding monthly retrospectives, simple mental health checks, or even annual health can already speak volumes on the company culture of your client company and in turn, attract more candidates. 

2. Practice an unbiased and diverse recruitment. 

Now that diversity is continuously showing an upward shift in the past 3 to 4 years, it only makes sense for your recruitment team to also give value to implement a candidate selection process that values diversity and inclusivity to maintain an impactful recruitment strategy. 

Nowadays, more and more applicants are becoming conscious and curious about how a hiring company implements and prioritizes diversity and inclusivity. With this, more and more companies have also set goals of improving diversity in their hiring process, shifting their focus to hiring based on skill sets and job-relevant qualifications instead. 

Diversity and inclusivity go beyond being a recruitment issue; they should be core ingredients in the recipe of an impactful recruitment strategy. Removing biases in race, gender, and age can help enhance your reputation and your business. Additionally, a diverse workforce has been known to drive more innovation resulting in more great ideas and opportunities for business growth and earnings.  

However, as you implement better D&I initiatives than before, accountability should be a priority. To keep your D&I initiatives effective and impactful, these should be implemented in all areas of your business and wholeheartedly led by the leaders of your business.  

3. Encourage your clients to be conversational when interviewing candidates. 

Any negative experience we have, be it in recruitment or in any other industry, can greatly impact the way we perceive a company. In fact, a recent survey shows that 65% of candidates who had a negative experience during their recruitment process ultimately changed their mind in moving forward with their application. 

Interviews are a huge part of the overall recruitment process as it decides for both the candidate and the employer how good of a fit they are for each other. But unfortunately, most interviews feel more rigid and uptight, thus making candidates feel more nervous, which then impacts their recruitment experience.  

For a long time now, many job interviewers have made use of a scripted process in interviewing candidates This might work for some, but if you actually want to create an impactful recruitment strategy, you should help your candidate ease into the interview process by providing guidance and suggestions to your client’s talent acquisition team. 

Instead of implementing the same interview approach, other companies have in place, encourage your clients to be more strategic when conducting interviews. Instead of a very serious interview process, your clients can instead go for a conversational, natural-flowing interview. This can help both the client and candidate learn more about each other without the latter feeling judged for their worldview. As the interview starts to feel more like a conversation instead of a strict evaluation, intimidation leaves the room, and authenticity comes in. 

4. Be authentic and relatable when sharing your brand’s story. 

To help you attract more candidates to your recruitment brand and the employer you’re hiring for, it’s essential to implement a marketing strategy that genuinely reflects the values that you and your client represent. An impactful recruitment strategy requires more than just popularity. For your brand advertisement to be effective, it’s also important to keep it authentic.  

Over-glamorizing your marketing content will eventually backfire on you as it will only mislead candidates. Be it your job post or your promotional content, you should see to it that you’re promoting nothing more than what you and the employer are able to deliver. 

Keep in mind that your goal is for candidates to know your recruitment brand better, establish your expertise, and let them know that you’re ready to talk to them. At the same time, being transparent with the job and company you are hiring for can help you create the best job matches, shorten your time-to-hire and altogether improve your recruitment performance. 

5. Implement a people-centric recruitment strategy. 

According to a recent LinkedIn report, companies that speak about current events experience an 84% increase of candidate engagement.  

Now that candidates are giving more value to how companies respond to social issues, the causes that your brand represents will play a huge role in pulling in candidates toward you. It’s no longer just about showcasing your accomplishment and the quality of your services. Now, the way you support the social causes that candidates value can also impact how they perceive your brand. For candidates, the way to stand out is to stand up for people. Knowing that your staffing firm takes measures to empathize with humanity will make a difference. 

By implementing a people-centric approach, you can help bring forth a more impactful recruitment strategy for your business. Being more empathetic in your communication, more accommodating in your approach, and better understanding what candidates are going through will impact their candidate experience and enhance your reputation. 

By making use of progressive strategies in your recruitment processes, you can develop a more positive brand that more and more candidates and employers will trust. Therefore, your practices should be laced with an attitude of experimentation and constant learning. Not everything will work out right the first time, but constant recalibration can help you get one step closer to figuring out the right combination of approaches in helping you maintain a more impactful recruitment strategy. 

Showcase Your Impactful Recruitment Strategy through Candidate Feedback 

Sharing what candidates say about you is one of the best ways to promote how impactful your hiring process is. A collection of positive ratings and feedback about your recruitment brand can help more candidates see the value of being placed by any of your recruiters. With an online reputation and experience management platform like Great Recruiters, you can easily capture what your candidates say about you, apply necessary improvements to your hiring processes, and showcase how competitive your brand is in the recruitment industry. 

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