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Coming up with an efficient recruitment process requires more than just your hiring staff and a solid strategy. To roundup your recruitment game plan, it’s important to have the right recruitment tools in your arsenal. Depending on the recruitment strategy that you have laid out for your team, along with the size of your staff and the goals you want to achieve, you may already have a system or two in place. It wouldn’t hurt if you started an inventory of the tools that you currently have in place for your team.

Four Recruitment Tools Your Team Should Have

To help you figure out if you are well-equipped with all the right tools and applications for an effective hiring process, here are four essential recruitment tools you should consider adding or upgrading for your staffing company.

Applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an application that is designed to help recruiters handle various recruitment processes electronically. With an ATS, your recruitment agency can easily collect and store recruitment information, organize or filter your candidates based on skill set or experience, and even communicate with your prospects all in one place. This system can help you better keep track of your progress in hiring for multiple positions, which can definitely come in handy for staffing agencies that cover a lot of niches and are working with multiple clients.

Recruitment marketing tool

Also called a recruitment marketing software or recruitment marketing tool, a recruitment marketing software allows you to find, attract, engage, and convert your prospects into applicants for the jobs you are hiring for. Considering how powerful marketing is in today’s internet-driven world, recruitment companies can make use of the same platform to find the right candidates to hire and fill jobs in the most efficient and most successful means possible.

With your recruitment marketing software, you can easily manage landing pages, customize content target the right audience to suit your hiring needs better, and reach out to professionals who are well-suited for the jobs and companies you are hiring for.

Digital interviewing platform

Now that virtual interviews have become a staple in today’s world of recruitment, it’s essential for hiring professionals to have the right digital interviewing tools in place. Apart from the very popular Zoom that you can use for your video interviews, you can also level up your virtual interviews by using other video interviewing software that allows you to keep better track of interviews you have done, schedule interviews with multiple applicants, use widgets to help interview scheduling a lot easier, record videos, and more.

Experience and reputation management software

Apart from having tools to help you better prepare for your recruitment and interviews, it’s also important for staffing companies to keep track of their overall performance. Making sure that the experience you deliver is always exceptional can help you guarantee that candidates and the public, in general, sees your brand as positive and trustworthy. Nowadays, with more and more people becoming aware of the power of voicing out opinions on the internet, a single negative review about their experience with your brand can greatly impact the public’s view of your brand.

But with an online reputation management software like Great Recruiters, you can better take charge of every feedback candidates will give you. You can proactively ask for reviews from your candidates and better understand what areas of your recruitment needs improvement. With a collection of feedback for your recruiters and your brand, you can easily make every positive experience a marketing tool to boost your online reputation and be seen as a recruitment company that gives value to its candidates.

Get the Right Recruitment Tools to Boost Your Performance

Technology has gifted us with a lot of innovative tools and applications that made our lives so much easier. The same thing goes for all recruitment teams who have found the perfect combination of a great staffing team, a well-designed hiring strategy, and the right collection of recruitment tools. Whether you decide to add all of the four tools above in your recruitment process, you should still keep in mind that, in the end, the quality of your recruitment performance is what matters as it will greatly impact the reputation of your company.

If you want to improve your reputation as a recruitment company, an experience and reputation management software such as Great Recruiters will definitely serve its purpose for you. From managing and answering candidate feedback to monitoring your recruiters’ performance and promoting and celebrating great recruiter performance, our platform can help you run an efficient hiring process that will lead you to better, more successful hiring and job matching.

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