Review a Recruiter

An engaging work environment is necessary for employees to feel that their hard work has a purpose. However, what also keeps them motivated is knowing that their hours of toiling in the office are also appreciated. 

To reward employees, managers tend to give the incentive and call it a day. This common practice is also a common mistake. In celebrating team success, a degree of authenticity and thoughtful execution is needed. By putting a premium on why a milestone is important, the given reward is only a bonus. The real reward is meaningful recognition for a job well done. 

Celebrate wins, big or small, right away. 

Ways to recognize your team’s hard work may come in the form of applauding big victories and identifying smaller ones. For instance, in going through long projects completing the employee roster of a rather important client, recognizing short-term achievements boost the team to keep going. When a recruiter receives great feedback from all of his candidates during a certain period, that’s a call for a high five or a short direct message on the office messenger. Celebrating team success does not always have to be through grand gestures alone. 

Following the roadmap of a project’s milestones is a viable way to schedule when to recognize your team’s hard work. This also balances when it is too often to give rewards and when it is too far apart. Also, celebrating success has to be done immediately. Don’t reason out that payday is a week too far to give an incentive. Even a short talk during break time to say thank you is enough, and the incentive can follow. What’s important is the hard work is recognized right away. 

Announce your team’s victories. 

Show how proud you are of your team’s achievements by announcing them through company emails, weekly meetings, or even during team lunch. When a recruiter hears their manager speak about their achievements while others listen, they will feel much more valued. 

Another good idea where to celebrate success is through the recruitment firm’s website or social media handles. This may also work as a means to attract potential clients. Putting up your employees’ successes for everyone to read gives an impression that the firm can crush goals, and the recruiters you have are truly hard workers. This effort to publicize their success is also a viable marketing tactic. 

However, don’t just announce the milestone willy-nilly. Take note that your content has to make sense to readers, or the recognition won’t be effective at all. Go through these questions to assure that appreciation is achieved:

  • What is the milestone? Lay down the feat that was completed and the details behind the success. You can also add information like how many were working on that specific project and for how long. 
  • Why is it worth celebrating? Go beyond the usual “good job” by explaining why it is a good job. What impact does it have on the firm or the client? The milestone might also be difficult to achieve at the given time, thus the need to reward employee success. 
  • What are the benefits? Because of the employee’s hard work, good things are bound to come from it. How does the milestone benefit the firm and the client? How does it affect the reputation of the recruitment firm and the employee’s professional image? 
  • What can be learned from this? Tell everyone what lessons they can pick up from the milestone. Appreciating an exemplary behavior makes employees feel valued and levels up the game for other recruiters.  

Let your team choose their treat (but after milestone completion).  

You might not want to pre-empt what reward is at stake at the onset. While there is merit in defining what rewards the team can get from the beginning for them to have eyes on the prize, in case the milestone isn’t met, the feeling of not meeting the goal can be a let-down.  

To avoid such sentiments that can lead to demotivation, you may talk about the rewards upon milestone completion. This also gives the recruitment team an option to pick a treat that will lead to more heartfelt ways of celebrating team success. 

Aside from monetary or material gifts, here are other rewards that your recruiters might appreciate: 

  • Team celebrations. Good old lunch outs or company outings still do the trick. It’s not only a way to thank employees for their valuable dedication but also contribute to camaraderie and a sense of community. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still here, so virtual parties will have to do. Give your recruitment team a budget for food deliveries, stock up on online games, and let the good times roll. 
  • High employee ratings. Letting their hard work reflect on their record forever is a fantastic way to say thank you. Impressive appraisals that lead to increased salaries and scope sends a message to employees that their valuable contribution is needed for a long time. 
  • Promotion. This goes without saying to be a reward that is much coveted. To be given distinction to move up the corporate ladder means the employee is consistently meeting expectations and is a cut above the rest. Also, promoting your recruiters within the firm instead of doing external hiring gives everyone something to strive for.

How else can you check for milestones? 

While all is said and done, the best way to measure team success is to see if your recruitment strategies and processes are working.

Do you have visibility if your recruiters are able to follow turnover times in searching, interviewing, and endorsing candidates? Do interviewees feel comfortable as they go through the motions of recruitment? It would be nice if they can give feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.

Is there a streamlined way to solicit their inputs and monitor them in real-time? 

Great Recruiters‘ reputation management tool can assist you in keeping your firm’s brand on the good side of possible clients by asking for reviews from potential candidates right after their experience with you. Real-time reviews help identify which recruiter handled which happy candidate, making recognition easier to account for.

A string of positive reviews can pinpoint how the team has been acing recruitment milestones and help managers identify what the team has been doing well. With an experience management platform like Great Recruiters in your arsenal, you’ll know right away when a celebration should be scheduled!

To learn more about how Great Recruiters can help you capture team victories that are worth celebrating, book a demo now.