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Candidate experience is one of the most important aspects of recruitment, which, unfortunately, many staffing companies tend to overlook or not pay much attention to. Today’s talent marketplace is candidate-driven, and one simple feedback about your staffing company’s performance is all it takes to make or break your brand. This is why enriching your candidate experience is a must. 

But apart from it helping protect and improve your brand reputation, the quality of your candidate experience can also help boost your ROI. In fact, companies that lead in providing outstanding customer experience saw a 184% return of investment as compared to other companies with only 63% cumulative return. This only means that building an impactful candidate experience strategy is a win-win situation. 

The Positive Effects of Enriching Your Candidate Experience 

Want to know how else your staffing company can benefit from enriching your candidate experience? Here are four key benefits of delivering delightful candidate experiences throughout your recruitment process. 

1. Optimize your reputation management efforts. 

When candidates see your recruitment agency’s name, be it online or on any form of communications or documents, how do you think do they perceive you? Many factors can influence how your recruitment brand is seen by people from outside your company, and it can be greatly impacted by the way your team represents your brand as they deal with candidates across various stages of your recruitment. 

This is why an effective recruitment marketing strategy is essential. When coupled with top-notch recruiter performance, you can easily build a pool of candidates who see you as a valuable partner on their mission to finding a job that fits their skills and employment needs. 

As you uphold good candidate experience in your recruitment, you get to also build your reputation as the staffing firm that sources the best candidates and creates great matches. This, in turn, boosts your recruitment efforts and candidate engagement, resulting in a more extensive talent pipeline. Deliver beyond expectations, then candidates might even share their experience within their professional networks, organically strengthening your brand reputation. 

2. Gain access to in-demand professionals.

One of the biggest challenges of recruiting professionals is the fact that 70% of the candidates in the talent market are passive. This makes it more difficult for recruiters to acquire qualified professionals for the job. 

Additionally, if ever an in-demand professional becomes available, it only takes less than 10 days for them to get hired This is especially true when hiring in the information technology niche. Professionals in strategic roles such as Data Analysts and Scientists, Software and App Developers, as well as AI and Machine Learning specialists, get to land jobs easier as these integral roles for many tech-related businesses nowadays. 

If you’re wondering about how you can gain an edge against the many recruitment firms vying for the attention of in-demand talent in the market, then you need not look elsewhere. By simply enriching your candidate experience, you can easily gain the trust of professionals.  

A stronger trust towards your brand makes it easier for your team to build a strong talent pipeline that will share their good experiences with you. Considering the fact that candidates are three times more likely to trust what other professionals would say about a recruiting company versus what is advertised about the brand, great word of mouth can definitely work to your advantage.   

3. Speed up time-to-hire 

Did you know that, on average, it takes a recruitment company 3 to 4 weeks to fill a position? If this is the case with your company, it will definitely make it impossible for you to land top professionals as they only remain available in less than 2 weeks. 

But by building a strong recruitment brand, you can definitely improve your time-to-hire rate. In fact, recruitment firms with a strong brand reputation can fill jobs up to 2 times faster than average. If applicants like what they see or hear about your recruitment brand, along with the job and company you are hiring for, it can influence their decision to stick around and get hired for the job you are recruiting for. This makes it more efficient for you to match the right professionals to the companies you are hiring for and fill open positions in less time. 

One of the most crucial parts of enriching your candidate experience is by being transparent with your job hiring. Setting the right expectations with the candidates you are dealing with makes it easier for applicants to trust your brand. By letting the candidates know everything that they should know about the job opening, it makes it easier for you to accurately match them with the right employer, shortening your recruitment time and speeding up your time-to-hire. 

4. Gather candidate referrals. 

Referrals remain to be the top source of qualified candidates in the talent market. Apart from the fact that it is cost-effective, it also shortens the time-to-hire by 40% as most candidates sourced from referrals are qualified, high-caliber professionals. 

A great way to increase the number of referrals that you get is by boosting the quality of your candidate experience. As more and more professionals hear about how well you treat the candidates you are sourcing, or how good you are at matching professionals to the right employer, you get to also grow your opportunity to gain referrals from fellow candidates and other professionals who are familiar with the quality of your recruitment process.  

Consistently delivering exemplary candidate experiences can be the most affordable form of referral marketing. Additionally, positive experiences can also help solidify your firm as a trusted career partner, making candidates more eager to be placed by you. This makes it easier for you to leverage connections from satisfied candidates, who are most likely to encourage their peers to apply to jobs you are hiring for. 

Build a Trusted Brand by Enriching Your Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience has always been a huge part of recruitment. The only difference between recruitment companies that have a positive brand versus those that don’t is that the latter gives value to constantly delivering a positive experience and capturing them through candidate feedback. 

With the availability of experience and reputation management tools like Great Recruiters, gathering and sharing reviews and ratings on the quality of candidate experience that you deliver can be a lot easier. On top of simply enriching your candidate experience, you should also see to it that you document how they perceive your brand and your recruitment process every step of the way. 

Want to enhance the way the public perceives your brand? Let the world know that your recruitment company is a cut above the rest by gathering and managing candidate experience in one place. Check out Great Recruiters.

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