Review a Recruiter

The following professional staffing firms have distinguished themselves from the competition in the second half of 2023. Their top ratings demonstrate great success in the following areas:

  • Capturing real-time feedback from candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Automating instant action on feedback
  • Measuring & improving organizational performance
  • Promoting success stories and building social proof to elevate their online reputation


Top Rated Professional Staffing Firms: Second Half 2023


Accounting Career Consultants & HR Career Consultants

Total reviews: 849

Average rating: 4.73

Example review: “Kirstin was prepared during our initial meeting. She asked all of the right questions and made sure she understood my needs for the position. She provided a qualified candidate within 24 hours or less, and the candidate was a good fit for the position.”


Total reviews: 1257

Average rating: 4.77

Example review: “McKenzie has been very thorough, honest, and supportive throughout my interview process. She truly seems invested in my success!


Total reviews: 739

Average rating: 4.70

Example review: “Carla communicated with me throughout the whole process and was always there to answer all my questions. She’s super nice and friendly and she got me a job quickly. She really knows her stuff and it’s been a pleasure to have her as my recruiter.

Total reviews: 454

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “Alex is a personable and reliable recruiter. She tries her best to make sure you have a contract you’re satisfied with. She’s very understanding and is knowledgeable about the field as she herself was a nurse. So it’s nice to have a recruiter who understands both sides. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and she doesn’t disappoint.

Lakeshore Talent

Total reviews: 1871

Average rating: 4.83

Example review: “Connie was easy to talk to, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and I truly felt that she cared about me as a person and my job search!

Method Recruiting

Total reviews: 1149

Average rating: 4.67

Example review: “Madison has been very professional in providing me with information and feedback about an open position. Her approach is friendly and objective on the job position’s requirements. She has offered an outstanding support. Please present my gratitude to Madison for her support.”

PEG Staffing & Recruiting

Total reviews: 617

Average rating: 4.89

Example review: “Lauren was very amazing and helpful. Her communication was phenomenal. The process was very smooth and done in a timely manner. I couldn’t ask for better.”


Total reviews: 1113

Average rating: 4.71

Example review: “Caitlyn is amazing! Very helpful and always available to answer questions. She goes above and beyond in my experience with her. I don’t personally know her but she has been so supportive and helpful!

The Vision Companies

Total reviews: 589

Average rating: 4.65

Example review: “​​Heather was fantastic. She was always really enthusiastic about helping me acheive my goals, and even made the effort to follow up after all of the employment processes.


Total reviews: 925

Average rating: 4.68

Example review: “Julia was very kind and easy to talk to. She really took the time to understand my professional background and what I’m looking for in a job. I also appreciated her transparency in telling me that the job I was interested in might not be quite what I want. It felt like she genuinely cared about making sure that I find a great fit, rather than just filling the position.

YUPRO Placement

Total reviews: 414

Average rating: 4.59

Example review: “

Alexis was very professional. We talked about a position. She asked me questions about my resume. I had questions about the position as well, and she answered them. She had the right to represent me but ultimately the client moved forward with other candidates. Overall, my experience with Alexis was very courteous and I am thankful for that!”