Review a Recruiter

The following healthcare staffing firms have distinguished themselves from the competition in the second half of 2023. Their top ratings demonstrate great success in the following areas:


  • Capturing real-time feedback from candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Automating instant action on feedback
  • Measuring & improving organizational performance
  • Promoting success stories and building social proof to elevate their online reputation


Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Firms: Second Half 2023


AB Staffing Solutions

Total reviews: 2398

Average rating: 4.86

Example review: “Norma was very knowledgable and responded to questions in a timely manner. If I texted or emailed with a question, she would often ask if she could call to explain more thoroughly. She went above and beyond. I had a great experience with Norma and would gladly refer her to others. I have given her contact information to a handful of my colleagues.”

ADN Healthcare

Total reviews: 80 

Average rating: 4.91

Example review: “Ariel helped me land a travel contract on a more than satisfactory level. I would highly recommend him to any travel nurse. I plan on retaining him as my recruiter, and I will be working with him through the foreseeable future.

Advantage Medical Professionals

Total reviews: 534

Average rating: 4.90

Example review: “From our very first phone conversation Nancy has been the most amazing recruiter I’ve ever dealt with!. She has truly gone out of her way to make job hunting as easy as possible for me. She is thorough, professional, and honest. So genuine, I just love her! I look forward to working with her in the future.

Amare Medical Network

Total reviews: 529

Average rating: 4.91

Example review: “Kaylene clearly understood my preference and never gave me options that were below it. She gets the job done and doesn’t waste time.

AMI Network

Total reviews: 240

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Marlene was incredibly helpful and supportive during the hiring process with my current role. She was very helpful in communicating with me and keeping me up to date. I enjoyed working with her and she is professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I appreciate her help in finding my new role.

Ardor Health

Total reviews: 591

Average rating: 4.80

Example review: “Delaney is optimistic with a sunny disposition. She made me feel confident in her ability to coordinate job prospects with the criteria that I was looking for. She contacted me daily and followed up promptly if I had questions. She was a joy to work with.”

Assured Nursing

Total reviews: 316

Average rating: 4.91

Example review: “ 10/10 recommend Erika. I have worked with many recruiters as a travel nurse. Erika is by far my favorite recruiter. I have been with her for 2 years now. She always gets me exactly what I want. She had excellent communication skills, she’s honest and I feel like she always gets me a more than fair offer.

Atlas MedStaff

Total reviews: 2531

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Dani is great. She has made my first time traveling a smooth process. I couldn’t imagine going through this experience without her! She is always checking in to make sure I’m happy and things are going good. I’d recommend her to anyone!

CareerStaff Unlimited

Total reviews: 8743

Average rating: 4.80

Example review: “Keisha was professional and pleasant to work with. I had some slow internet issues and she was extremely patient with me. Response time was great and I wasn’t left wondering what was next. She answered any question I had with enthusiasm. Great experience thus far! Thank you.”

Cariant Health Partners

Total reviews: 1482

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Jonathan is very personable, and he always has our best interest in mind! He has been a great recruiter for both my wife and I as we are now on our 2nd contract with Cariant Health Partners.”

Catapult Healthcare

Total reviews: 109

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Clarissa is very personable and transparent about timelines, rates, and submissions. I felt very comfortable working with her, and really trust her to get working on my submissions as quickly as possible.”

Cell Staff

Total reviews: 1887

Average rating: 4.89

Example review: “Blake is amazing. Having never worked in a prison, I was a little apprehensive about this assignment. Blake addressed all my concerns and helped me feel comfortable. He has been very supportive and helpful throughout this process. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.

Coast Medical Service

Total reviews: 1718

Average rating: 4.81

Example review: “Cooper was prompt in responding to my initial inquiry about a job. He followed up quickly, and respected my limited time to discuss the job as I was working that day. He listened to me and asked me what was import to me in looking for an assignment.

Ethos Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 614

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Josh was reassuring to work with given his knowledge in the industry. He was always upfront and honest about assignments and never tried to push into an assignment I didn’t want.

GIFTED Healthcare

Total reviews: 8603

Average rating: 4.78

Example review: “Katie has been very attentive throughout my entire process. She’s very helpful and always gets back to you in a timely manner. She is very professional and she goes above and beyond to make sure I’m knowledgeable and equipped for the assignment.

Health Providers Choice

Total reviews: 797

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Jason was amazing. He reached out to me immediately after my initial inquiry. He was very helpful and went above and beyond to ensure I hand the best customer experience. I’m looking forward to working with Jason in the future and will refer all of my contacts to him in the future.” 

Healthcare Staffing Professionals

Total reviews: 2400

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “I enjoy learning new things and Ms Selene has been a great help and helping me get to where I’m going it’s a blessing to work with her she knows what she is doing and I would pass on her information if needed in the future..”

HealthCare Support Staffing

Total reviews: 1412

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Maddie was very responsive and did an excellent job recognizing what I was looking for and helped me get in contact with those that may have openings in a field of expertise.”


Total reviews: 122

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Shanese has been super responsive from the start! I was submitted for a job yesterday morning and got hired the next day. She has been so kind and quick with everything. I will recommend her to any friends looking for a travel position.”

Lead Health

Total reviews: 851

Average rating: 4.86

Example review: “Sandy is an amazing recruiter. Keeps things simple and easy to follow through as a traveler. Sandy also responds in a timely matter and lets you know in advance when she won’t be able to reply or get back at you but make sure you are not left with complications or concerns. Best recruiter yet.”

Loyal Source Government Services

Total reviews: 8821

Average rating: 4.82

Example review: “Lakesha is everything that you could hope for in a recruiter and she is a genuine and down to earth person who I would love to work with..”

Marvel Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 1448

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Amanda is the epitome of what a nurse wants in a recruiter! I am a repeat client. She is attentive but not overbearing, caring, kind, responsive! Great attention to detail! Always ahead of the ball! She is so genuine—she asks about my family and makes sure I have everything I need! I couldn’t ask for a better teammate!! LOVE her ♥️♥️♥️

MedUS Healthcare

Total reviews: 742

Average rating: 4.89

Example review: “Natalie is hands down one of the BEST recruiters I’ve had. She and her assistant Devin go above and beyond for anything and everything that I could need. She’s there when I need to talk and works so hard to make sure my needs are met. Natalie is easy to talk to and I know any problem I may have she will work hard to resolve the problem. She is the reason I never want to switch travel agencies, due to the fact that I know I’ll never have another recruiter like her. I recommended her and the agency to everyone looking to start their traveling career. I know I’ve made a lifelong friend with her!

Next Move

Total reviews: 1298

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Kyle has been great and super supportive through my current assignment! I’m excited to explore the next assignment in future states with him!

NuWest Group Holdings

Total reviews: 1695

Average rating: 4.82

Example review: “Kelly is a pleasure to work with, she’s nice, respectful, and goes out of her way to make sure you’re getting the contract you want. I know that I’m able to rely on Kelly to respond to calls or texts and put her best foot forward with finding contracts. So grateful for her! I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!”

Nurses First Solutions

Total reviews: 171

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Richard has guided me throughout my search for the best hospitals that pays well, and I am glad I have him on my side. He is well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each hospital location and knowledge of the area.

Phoenix MedStaff

Total reviews: 237

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Ellie has been with me through thick and thin. I recommend her to anyone in my industry. She’s the best- I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Pioneer Healthcare Services

Total reviews: 304

Average rating: 4.90

Example review: “I have worked with many recruiters over my time in travel therapy and hands down Michelle was always the best! She takes the time to talk with me, understands my needs and wants, and has always been incredibly transparent regarding expectations and the job details, pay, etc. She was able to connect me with so many great positions! Always a pleasure working with Michelle!”

Pluto Healthcare

Total reviews: 1009

Average rating: 4.93

Example review: “Amber is the best recruiter I have worked with, hands down. She’s super attentive, personable and makes me feel like I’m her only client. I highly recommend Amber and Pluto Healthcare.”

Squad Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 271

Average rating: 4.83

Example review: “Tyler works very hard on finding me a contract, and is continually following up with vendors for updates. I couldn’t be any more happier with him as a recruiter. I highly recommend.”


Total reviews: 402

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Working with Danny has been great! He’s always available no matter the time of day. Danny’s always there if i have any questions or concerns. He’s always honest and provides excellent feedback to guide me in the best direction possible. He’s awesome!

TheraEx Staffing

Total reviews: 290

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Lael has been amazing to work with. She is so friendly and I feel comfortable reaching out to her for assistance at any moment. She’s very approachable and knowledgeable about the job. She’s also quick to respond. I have nothing but good things to say about her! I’m very lucky to have her as my recruiter!”


Total reviews: 11528

Average rating: 4.86

Example review: “Jordan did an amazing job finding me a nice contract and even offered to help with finding housing. He has stayed in contact with me through these first couple weeks and am certain he’s available anytime I need him.

Travel Nurse Across America

Total reviews: 10253

Average rating: 4.90

Example review: “I have had a great time with Taylor – she is such a team player that ensures that we are comfortable with our assignments. She always checked up on me weekly on my first assignments. That to me meant a lot and just proves how exceptional she is not just as my recruiter but also as someone you can count on.”

Travel Nurses Inc. (an OR Nurses Nationwide Co.)

Total reviews: 609

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Lindsy has made travel nursing so enjoyable for me !! She does all the hard work I just tell her where I would like to go and she comes back with the contracts for me to sign. It’s amazing !! I am so lucky to have the greatest recruiter!!”

Ventura MedStaff

Total reviews: 812

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Matt is so kind and patient. He never pressures me to accept an offer or submit to a job I am not 100% sure is a fit. He provides wonderful communication and greatly advocates for me as a traveling therapist.

Vitalink Health

Total reviews: 28

Average rating: 4.82

Example review: “Taylor did a great job with me and for me. She is very knowledgeable in her position. I have worked with many Travel Recruiters for the past 4 years and honestly not one made me feel this confident that they were working with and for me. I trust I get the contract she went above and beyond helping me with some computer glitches. If I don’t get the contract I will still work with Taylor going forward.

Wellspring Nurse Source

Total reviews: 285

Average rating: 4.83

Example review: “Jennifer is a bulldog! She will find you a high-paying position and fight for you to get the job you want. She is a straightforward no-nonsense gal who is honest and upfront. I like her and will continue to work with her in the future :).