Review a Recruiter

In commercial staffing, candidates are often treated like commodities. That’s why we think it’s important to recognize the staffing firms that are bucking the trend and treating candidates like people. Our Top Rated Commercial Staffing Firms for the second half of 2022 have done just that.

In today’s increasingly candidate-centric market, no one wants to be treated as a number in a spreadsheet, a cog in a corporate machine. They want their priorities to be taken seriously, and their employers to value them as people, not just as employees.

The challenges in finding candidates and filling positions makes the work of commercial staffing more important than ever. But in order to attract and place top candidates for their clients, they have to be a place where workers want to engage with.

This is where our Top Rated Commercial Staffing Firms have distinguished themselves. They’ve prioritized creating great experiences for candidates, clients, and placed talent. They’re proactive about seeking feedback, and take both the positive and negative to heart. 

Here are some of the marks of a Top Rated staffing firm: 

  • Prioritizing great experiences across candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Proactively measuring and improving experiences
  • Improving organizational efficiency through automation & real-time insights
  • Elevating their brand and online reputation

What’s more, in a market where technology is on the rise, these firms have proven that technology and the human touch aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, the best way to use technology is to enhance the recruiter’s ability to be human. 

Every commercial staffing firm listed below is on the list because they’ve excelled in the areas mentioned above. Join us in congratulating these stand-out leaders for the second half of 2022. 

Top Rated Commercial Staffing Firms: Second Half 2022

347 Group

Total reviews: 33

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Sandra has an awesome spirit about her. She was very engaging and forthcoming. I really appreciated the level of confidence she displayed in submitting me for this position. With being out of the interview loop, I was able to relax and provide her with the information needed. Thanks Sandra.”

Alliance Industrial Solutions

Total reviews: 168

Average rating: 4.67

Example review: “Tausha is very knowledgeable, approachable, kind, friendly, and the right person for the job. You guys were spot on when deciding to hire her for that position. I couldn’t have been happier.”

Alliance Solutions Group

Total reviews: 45

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Kellee was very professional, helpful and thoughtfully walked me through every step in the process.”

Atlas Staffing

Total reviews: 581

Average rating: 4.7

Example review: “Hailey is very professional and knowledgeable about your company. She is also very kind and sociable with a great sense of humor. I enjoyed speaking with her.”

Bonney Staffing

Total reviews: 182

Average rating: 4.74

Example review: “Lisa did an amazing job from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for a better coordinator and advocate though the job hunting process!”

I.K. Hofmann USA

Total reviews: 278

Average rating: 4.76

Example review: “Just the atmosphere alone made it a good experience. You walk in and everybody smiles and says hello and if you need help with anything anyone who’s around you is right there willing to help you. I couldn’t be happier that I have the opportunity to work for this company.”

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Total reviews: 1843

Average rating: 4.57

Example review: “Angel is a very good job recruiter, when I initially called she had to of known about the jobs off the top of her head because she told me immediately who was hiring and had also provided me with all the information I need and she has answered every one of questions along the way.”


Total reviews: 171

Average rating: 4.83

Example review: “Alysha was very enthusiastic to help me find a gainful employment and took the initiative to help me and continue to reach out to me. I’m very happy with my new job and things are going great.”


Total reviews: 149

Average rating: 4.7

Example review: “Sally understood my job search needs and was super sweet to work with. She was fun to work with while always being professional.”

Trade Management

Total reviews: 95

Average rating: 4.77

Example review: “The overall job experience with Kass was great. How he helped me showed he cared and that meant a lot and I respect how he does his job and makes things happen thank you.” 

W3R Consulting

Total reviews: 97

Average rating: 4.67

Example review: “It’s a pleasure talking with Laura. She did her best in setting up/scheduling an interview. From the start (submitting my resume) till the end ( scheduling an interview with the client), Laura actively participated and did follow-ups to ensure I didn’t have any blockers/huddles in my journey. Thank you, Laura.”