Review a Recruiter

Let’s face it: commercial staffing often gets a bad rap.

In today’s increasingly candidate-centric market, no one wants to be treated as a number in a spreadsheet, a cog in a corporate machine. They want their priorities to be taken seriously, and their employers to value them as people, not just as employees.

That’s why the best commercial staffing firms prioritize exceptional candidate and client experiences, proactively seek feedback throughout the whole process, and take both positive and negative feedback to heart. They go the extra mile and foster relationships with talent, rather than simply tally up their placements.

The following commercial staffing firms have stood out in the first half of 2022 because they exhibited the following characteristics in the first half of 2022: 

  • Prioritized candidate and client experience across the organization
  • Instituted practices to measure and analyze the candidate experience
  • Improved organizational efficiency through automation & real-time insights
  • Elevated their brand and online reputation

Learn more about these top rated commercial staffing firms below.

Top Commercial Staffing Firms: First Half 2022

Below is our list of the top commercial staffing firms in the first half of 2022. Use the links to visit their Great Recruiters company pages to see their reviews and ratings for yourself. 

347 Group

Total reviews: 149

Average rating: 4.88

Example recruiter review: “Sandra truly went above and beyond to help me get hired. She effectively communicated and help vouch for my needs while also supporting me in an unexpected situation that put my chances of getting hired at risk.”

Alliance Industrial Solutions

Total reviews: 538

Average rating: 4.69

Example recruiter review: “Alex was transparent about the warehouse climate atmosphere. He sent a personal text reminding me of bring in extra water to keep hydrated. This type of communication shows me that Alliance cares about their employees.”

Alliance Solutions Group

Total reviews: 1,639

Average rating: 4.65

Example recruiter review: “Victor was absolutely amazing! He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and provided excellent feedback every step of the way. He went above and beyond and I’ve already referred other candidates to him.”

ARCH Staffing and Consulting

Total reviews: 1,766

Average rating: 1,766

Example recruiter review: “Patty was very helpful with the questions that I have had. She returned my phone calls within minutes of me leaving a message on the answering machine. I have recommended two people to her, she helped them the way she helped me and now are working full time.”

Atlas Staffing

Total reviews: 3,282

Average rating: 4.70

Example recruiter review: “I was invited to apply for a position on Indeed. Within an hour or two of applying, Ivana reached out to me. She left a voicemail and texted me, which was an easier way for me to communicate that day and made the process much more timely! The next day, she and I spoke about the position. Before the end of the day, she’d gotten me scheduled for an interview!”

Bonney Staffing

Total reviews: 1,055

Average rating: 4.73

Example recruiter review: “Jennifer made it very comfortable, and events were done in timely fashion. My first day at the assignment was enjoyable and guided through the task at hand.”


Total reviews: 4,357

Average rating: 4.71

Example recruiter review: “Responds fast to any questions I have. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out the answer right away and get back to me as soon as possible and never leaves me hanging with unknown answers.”

I.K. Hofmann USA

Total reviews: 762

Average rating: 4.59

Example recruiter review: “All trainers were very knowledgeable of all positions and very helpful if there was a question.”

Industrial Resource Group

Total reviews: 141

Average rating: 4.66

Example recruiter review: “Craig has been awesome. It doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the week, he made himself available and responded quickly with all of my inquiries. Looking forward to continuing to work with him.”

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Total reviews: 6,538

Average rating: 4.63

Example recruiter review: “Karen was absolutely amazing. I put in my application and a hour later I was getting a phone call. Interview the next day and was hired on the spot. Completed paperwork and it was a breeze. Thank u so much for ur help with providing a job for me to take care of my 4 babies.”


Total reviews: 994

Average rating: 4.76

Example recruiter review: “Alysha was quick to help me find work to fill my needs for a second job. I had an interview before I knew it and was hired quickly and painlessly.”


Total reviews: 920

Average rating: 4.72

Example recruiter review: “Amy is just awesome. She always contacts me with jobs that match my qualifications. When I get an assignment she always stays in touch by asking how I am doing.”

W3R Consulting

Total reviews: 3,816

Average rating: 4.46

Example recruiter review: “Laura is an emotionally intelligent person and wonderful human being guided by her sense of empathy, understanding and doing the right thing.”