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The World’s First Reputation Management Platform Designed for Staffing Firms

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Automate Reviews

Send review requests to candidates and clients throughout their journey to make sure you’re creating the best experience.

Active Management

Get in front of issues and solve them before they become problems with active reputation management.

Grow Faster

Grow faster by measuring recruiter performance to deliver the best service. Drive more referrals and improve your team’s performance.

“For me, the moment I started considering the Great Recruiters system, it was love at first sight."

– Matt Dickens, Astute Technical

Deliver Transparency Beyond Your Clients’ and Candidates’ Top Expectations

Showcase real testimonials so that everyone you talk to will understand how great your staffing firm really is.

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Identify Problems Before They Become Issues

Stay on the pulse of your team’s performance with real-time reviews, and automated reputation management. 

Prove How Great You Are

Allow your good work to speak for itself through candidate testimonials.

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