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TriCom Technical Services Doubles Online Reviews and Gets More Placements with Great Recruiters

TriCom Technical Services has achieved their goals in getting more feedback and improving their services through Great Recruiters. Apart from driving up their reviews, the platform has also improved their search profile and helped TriCom get more placements. Overall, it has helped TriCom’s recruiters improve their performance by giving them the opportunity to resolve negative feedback and share candidates’ positive experiences to boost their reputation and showcase the quality of their services.


Compay Name: TriCom Technical Services

TriCom Technical Services was launched as a two-man operation in 1994. The company grew over the following years and built a reputation in helping companies connect with IT talents. TriCom has gone through various changes and challenges, but still rose to the occasion to provide quality services in a competitive market. From the two-man team they have started with, TriCom has now expanded into a multi-million-dollar company with offices in Kansas City and the Twin Cities, providing IT talent solutions to companies as far as New York and California.


Improved recruiter performance and online reputation

The recruiters of TriCom Technical Services found Great Recruiters as the solution to getting more feedback from candidates and make use of these feedback to improve their recruitment processes. The recruiters now have the opportunity to turn problems into positive solutions and boost their online reputation by sharing their Great Recruiters profiles on social media.

Experienced great support in continuously improving their process.

TriCom Technical Services had their needs met by Great Recruiters. Because Great Recruiters matches their passion, they are getting the support that they need to continuously improve.

“Great Recruiters provides some moments of self-evaluation in the face of negative feedback. And, more importantly, it provides a chance for recruiters to confront bad feedback and resolve it, to turn a missed expectation into a positive experience.”

Charlie Fossell

Partner and COO, TriCom Technical Services

TriCom Technical Services Doubles Online Reviews and Gets More Placements with Great Recruiters.

TriCom Technical Services, the leading IT staffing agency, is dedicated to continual improvement. They understand that success doesn’t come from resting on your laurels. Instead, you need to fine-tune your process to meet the changing needs of clients and candidates. Committed as they are to growing through feedback, TriCom knew they needed a reputation management platform.

The question was which solution. Charlie Fossell, TriCom Partner and COO with over 20 years experience in the staffing industry, knows that a lot of staffing solutions promise the moon and deliver a golf ball. So, when Fossell first heard about Great Recruiters, he was skeptical.

It didn’t take long before Fossell saw the light.

“Adam [Conrad, founder of Great Recruiters] had a vision for how he could help us — and he followed through. We got the results we were looking for and then some. It’s driven up our reviews and our search profile pretty dramatically. Great Recruiters is a solution that actually delivers on their promise to get us more placements.”

Here’s how.

Improved recruiter performance

No tool will help a staffing agency recruit smarter if recruiters aren’t on board. And at first, TriCom recruiters were a little resistant. They were unsure if a review platform might open the floodgates. They didn’t want their performance judged by one or two unhappy campers.

“Adam, who has experience as a recruiter himself, drove recruiter adoption. That helped us to have success with the platform, right from the beginning,” said Fossell. “And once they got going with it, they loved it. It gives them insight into how they’re received, in real-time.”

To share all the positive feedback they were getting, TriCom recruiters put their Great Recruiters profiles in their signatures and on social media. Recruiters made great impressions on candidates before speaking to them.

“It’s like when your doctor wears a lab coat and has a stethoscope,” said Fossell. “The Great Recruiters profiles legitimizes our recruiters for candidates.”

The reviews helped TriCom recruiters continually improve their performance.

“We’re very much a feedback-oriented company. And Great Recruiters provides us with feedback for our recruiters, which has helped them get better.”

What’s more, recruiters can triage issues and turn problems into positive solutions

“Great Recruiters provides some moments of self-evaluation in the face of negative feedback. And, more importantly, it provides a chance for recruiters to confront bad feedback and resolve it, to turn a missed expectation into a positive experience.”

Elevated online reputation

Nowadays, no one shops for anything — shoes, electronics, or recruiters — without consulting online reviews. So, Google and other online review aggregators are often where candidates and clients develop their first impressions of your agency.

With Great Recruiters, TriCom doubled their online reviews. Because the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, their ratings shot up, too.

“Before Great Recruiters, our online reviews were just up to chance. With the platform, anyone who gives us a positive review is invited to share the review on Google and other sites. Now, our online rating reflects our good work,” said Fossell.

The boost in TriCom’s online profile doesn’t stop with external review sites. The TriCom minisites, powered by Great Recruiters, also inform candidates’ impressions of the firm. Interested IT candidates searching for new recruiters are met with a slew of great reviews.

Benefited from great customer service

Great Recruiters didn’t just provide great results and then call it a day.

“Great Recruiters customer service has been excellent. Everything that we’ve needed gets taken care of.”

Like TriCom, the Great Recruiters team is committed to continual improvement.

“We’re very passionate about what we do and Adam and his team match our passion. That makes them a great partner for us because we’re all out there trying to do stuff that’s never been done before.”

TriCom Technical Services

Here at TriCom, we have one clear mission: connect businesses with top IT talent and job seekers with the opportunities they need to thrive.

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for your next opportunity in the world of technology or a business looking to hire top technical talent, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. Through the years we’ve become the preferred partner for talent solutions due to our laser focus on continually improving our services by taking the feedback of both our clients and our candidates to heart.


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The Results

“Candidates and clients see firsthand the successes that we’ve had. It elevates our online presence, which in turn helps us grow our business faster.”

Charlie Fossell, TriCom Partner and COO