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“Great Recruiters empowers our performers and revenue drivers to build a pipeline of referrals and candidates based on objective, aggregated, real time customer reviews. It is exceptionally easy to use and simplifies a part of the recruitment process that has been antiquated in our industry for quite some time. It elevates and supports our culture by enabling our colleagues to be drivers of their own success.”

Mullady V.
President of Marketing and Strategic Growth
Staffing and Recruiting
(51-200 employees)

Exceeded Expectations on Day 1

“Our primary goal was to increase referrals and we saw that happen on day one. I knew that GR would fit into our culture and the team would love it. What I was pleasantly surprised by were the newer recruiters. They had 5 star reviews on day one. That showed us we hired and trained the right people for our clients. I read every review and that has made me a better leader by being present to real time feedback. Reviews are shared across the company and it is uplifting for everyone.”

Rose F.
Senior Vice President
Staffing and Recruiting
(1,001-5,000 employees)

Low Effort, High Reward

“Getting consistent feedback is hard to do. With GR, we get a really high response rate, which means we generate a huge amount of reviews. GR gives us access to perspectives on our recruiters that are not only authentic, but also really helpful in a lot of ways. From a marketing perspective, the reviews are gold. GR would be worthwhile even if it required a lot of work to maintain. But the beauty is – the seamless integration with Bullhorn makes the process completely painless for the team.”

Liah, V.
Marketing Director
Staffing and Recruiting
(51-200 employees)

Get Real Time Feedback and Actionable Insights

Don’t guess what your candidates and clients think. Use real-time data to ensure an amazing experience for everyone.

Recruiting Without Great Recruiters

Blindsided publicly by negative reviews

Traditional approach and declining results

Shrinking candidate pool filled with low talent, difficult to place candidates

Drowning in NPS data with no clear path to becoming a better recruiter or learning what modern candidates want

Recruiting With Great Recruiters

Proactively ask for feedback. Fix problems internally before they snowball publicly

Build trust by collecting reviews and celebrating with your community

Turn reviews into your marketing engine and attract high quality talent

Use real time feedback from candidates to get better and become a Great Recruiter