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TalentLaunch Gathers Relevant Real-Time Feedback and Boosts NPS with Great Recruiters 

TalentLaunch improved its recruitment performance by acquiring relevant, real-time feedback through Great Recruiters. This helped them improve their net promoter score (NPS), streamline their recruitment process, and provide a better experience to their candidates and clients.


Compay Name: TalentLaunch

TalentLaunch is a network of community-based brands that bridges talent and clients across 34 states from various industries, such as healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, engineering, legal, and more. They provide innovative tools and resources to help the network members succeed in providing top-notch talent solutions to their customers.


Gained a better understanding of candidates and clients through reviews

By improving the frequency of their reviews from annual to real-time, TalentLaunch has gained a better understanding of the needs of their candidates and clients and was able to improve the quality of their recruitment process by using Great Recruiters.

Boosted net promoter score by receiving real-time reviews regularly

TalentLaunch’s annual reviews were not giving them real-time and relevant reviews they wanted to receive to improve their performance. But upon using Great Recruiters, they did not just gain better insights into their candidates and clients but also enhanced their net promoter score.

“It allowed us to get not only real-time reviews but also be able to have performance management on those reviews. When we enacted it, we received a higher NPS with Great Recruiters than we do with ClearlyRated’s one-time annual review.”

Jeffrey Staats

Marketing Director, TalentLaunch

TalentLaunch Gathers Relevant Real-Time Feedback and Boosts NPS with Great Recruiters

Before having Great Recruiters, TalentLaunch used to undergo an annual ClearlyRated survey as part of their actions toward meeting one of their core principles, which is to provide a better experience and to be able to keep track of the quality of that experience.

Every year, TalentLaunch would run the annual survey for both talent and clients. But the yearly survey result was tough because they pulled candidates and clients from almost a year ago.

This made them realize the need to find ways on how to gather relevant and real-time reviews. They also wanted to have a way to easily manage those reviews and gain a better understanding of their candidates and clients.

When the TalentLaunch team looked at Great Recruiters, they thought about what they can do with the platform. Could this provide them a better experience? Will these real-time, quicker reviews be better?

“When we tested it out, we wanted to know if this can help us get more relevant, real-time reviews to act on versus a one-time survey where we get a score, get our badge and move on,” said Jeffrey Staas, Marketing Director of TalentLaunch.

“We know we needed to do more candidate reviews and Great Recruiters helped fill that gap.”

Found that getting regular reviews can help them maintain a higher NPS

Great Recruiters allowed TalentLaunch to gather ongoing reviews and be able to act on those reviews. Another unintended benefit of having used Great Recruiters is that it helped them get higher NPS than what they were getting through ClearlyRated.

According to Staats, the original purpose of using Great Recruiters was to get real-time reviews and understand what their clients were saying. “We’re going to use Great Recruiters to be able to fill in from just a content perspective, but we have also gained a higher NPS than what we had from ClearlyRated.”

This gave TalentLaunch the idea that NPS will be their benchmark. It will be one way for them to judge their performance and see if they were providing a good experience.

“That’s how we sold it internally. We told our network members, “Not only are you going to get real-time reviews, but you will also be able to have performance management on those reviews and gain a higher NPS, which benefits the entire network.”

When TalentLaunch enacted the use of Great Recruiters, they spread it out with all of their network companies. Everyone of them so far has gained a higher NPS with Great Recruiters’ experience management platfom.
Great Recruiters has been embraced and received well by all of TalentLaunch’s teams. There has been buy-in across the board, and it’s been great.
“The platform is not just about NPS, even though that’s what we initially saw. Great Recruiters is a complete system. And because we rolled it out that way, we got buy-in from our founder down to our president, then to the presidents of all companies in the network. They’re excited about it. And if they ever got a bad review, they’re able to know why and act on it through the platform.

Improved internal process to monitor reviews and ratings regularly

Upon introducing Great Recruiters to their network, TalentLaunch implemented internal process changes. Every operating company in their network had to have a point of contact, so each company had to add a point person in charge of the rollout. This helped ensure that each point of contact keeps their team up to date and regularly acting on reviews.

“As part of the candidates’ assignment campaign, we now contact them to ask for feedback, and they are giving us great reviews.”

TalentLaunch has had Great Recruiters for over a year now, and the point persons from their network companies have built an understanding that they need to look at the reviews weekly. The feedback they are getting has been the most significant addition to what they had to account for.

“One of the most significant benefits of having Great Recruiters is when a candidate requests a callback or a contact back from us. Sometimes, it may be because they left a bad review, so they want somebody to contact them. Just like with any automation or technology, we had to build that process, and we’ve done it using Great Recruiters.”

Gained an additional source of candidate referrals

With Great Recruiters, TalentLaunch has increased their NPS, and all around, they are getting real-time, relevant results.

“Additionally, Great Recruiters has become another referral source for us. We’re getting a decent number of referrals monthly, and I expect that to more than triple once we get going.”

Boosted confidence of recruiters through certification and gamification

TalentLaunch and its network of companies love the Great Recruiters certification. “It’s one thing to get all of these independently-operated network companies to buy-in. Now, they are celebrating when somebody gets certified. We’re doing a lot of great things to help celebrate these certifications.”

The network company gives their certified recruiters a gift card, and they shout them out internally. We also share posts about the recruiter who got certified, and we’re adding them to the email signature.”

“Great Recruiters is doing everything that we want it to do. It’s become infectious across the network now that people are getting certified. Now they know how to get the certification, and that is by getting great reviews.”

“It’s opening up the communication among the whole network and our operating companies. It’s become a great way to celebrate, and that’s what people are excited about. It’s building the recruiters’ confidence, and it’s now become a part of the whole gamification. Now, they want to get certified faster.”

Enhanced trust factor towards their recruiters

With Great Recruiters in play, TalentLaunch is now checking their reviews weekly and have seen the trust factor towards their recruiters go up.

“The candidates trust where they’re being placed. They’re trusting the relationship. We see comments like, ‘You were really knowledgeable about the position,’ ‘You were really responsive.’ Those words come up a lot more often.

“We feel that the candidates trust the recruiters a lot more just by the nature of how they’re explaining it and how they’re working. We want to make sure they have a great relationship, and we see it reciprocated, at least in the comments and ratings.”

“Also, thanks to Great Recruiters, we pinpointed that the advisor side for us is lowest among all factors. The advisor rating has always been one of our more significant issues. We were never asked about it before, and we only did a survey once a year. But now we see it increase incrementally, which is good.”

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The Results

“We’re averaging over 4.7 across the board in the ratings. That speaks a lot about what they’re seeing and how they’re working with us. The candidates have a good relationship with our recruiters.”

Jeffrey Staas,  Marketing Director of TalentLaunch