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In this digital age, the internet has made it a lot easier for us to express our opinions freely. When presented with the opportunity, many people nowadays would choose to speak out their minds, be it by posting on social media, commenting on a trending topic, or even by filling up survey forms. This is why many companies these days have leveraged the use of online tools and platforms for feedback gathering and for them to gain a better understanding of the customers and improve recruiter accountability.

Improve Recruiter Accountability for a Positive Online Reputation

In the recruitment industry, feedback gathering is just as essential, especially if you want to understand your recruiters’ current performance and how candidates actually perceive your brand as a staffing company. If done properly, it can help boost your reputation and make you a trusted brand in the industry. Additionally, feedback gathering can help you keep your recruiters accountable and reputable.

With better visibility of how they are treating candidates across the whole hiring process, you’ll be able to understand how you can help your recruitment team perform better and actually become the recruitment company that both candidates and clients will trust.

To help you understand how powerful feedback can be in shaping your recruitment company’s reputation, here are three ways feedback gathering can improve recruiter accountability and boost your recruiting brand.

1. Feedback gathering humanizes your brand and makes candidates feel they matter.

It opens up a two-way conversation between your brand and your candidates, giving the encounter a human touch. It lets candidates feel that they have a voice and that they are heard. It allows candidates to express their experiences and opinions, which can prove invaluable to your recruitment service enhancements. When your candidates feel that their opinion matters, you’d be able to earn their respect enough to be your recruitment brand ambassadors even if they’re not accepted for the job.

Instilling a culture of accountability in recruiters starts with acknowledging the good and the bad. Recognizing even the slightest faults and failures gives you a better chance at improving and succeeding. In addition, accepting honest feedback is part of the good relationship you would want to nurture between recruiters and candidates. Exposing recruiters to feedback makes them understand that building good relationships does not only entail acknowledging what you did successfully together but also the problems you fixed along the way.

2. Feedback gathering helps set the bar high.

Expectation-setting is one of the critical steps for recruiters to achieve successful job placements and improve recruiter accountability. By gathering feedback, you’d be able to determine what candidates expect and work your way toward them. You can even set the bar higher as feedback gathering can help you understand how your candidates perceive your recruitment brand.

Setting expectations and reviewing your goals against feedback let your recruiters take a proactive and competent mindset in determining the next course of action. If the recruiters are reminded of their accountability in experience management through candidate feedback, they would be more eager to set a high bar for themselves. A proactive and competent mindset would enable them to envision what opportunities can make your recruitment brand ahead of everyone and avoid possible factors of failure at all costs at the earliest time.

3. Feedback gathering points you in the right direction.

Even negative feedback could turn into a positive one if you learned about it and took immediate action to manage the situation. Feedback gathering allows you to correct issues and make adjustments where you must. Your recruiters can create an action plan based on what worked and what didn’t in the candidates’ experience.

By gathering candidate feedback all throughout the recruitment process, recruiters would be able to chart an action plan that brings more effective ways to deliver quality recruitment services, such as digital tools that can ease up recruitment methods, for instance. It also allows them to experiment and explore candidates’ innovative suggestions, which they may have been reluctant to try before. While determining the right direction on improvements is important, they must also be able to identify where they would take full responsibility in touchpoint enhancements in the recruitment process.

Become the Brand of Choice by Improving Recruiter Accountability

To remain competitive and a trusted brand in the recruitment industry nowadays, your recruiters must always feel accountable for every experience they provide to candidates.

Being an accountable recruiter starts with having a good understanding of what accountability is and always taking charge of the feedback you receive. Accountability then allows room for growth for everyone to know how to perform better. Who knows how much your recruiters’ growth could all add up to your staffing firm’s growth?

To build a high-performing team of recruiters, you have to start somewhere, and what better way to start than mastering experience management founded on real-time candidate feedback? Great Recruiters can help you with just that.

Great Recruiters’ online reputation management software can ease your feedback gathering from candidates and help you make the most out of it. Apart from a platform that is designed for efficient feedback gathering, Great Recruiters can also help you enhance your recruitment strategy and improve recruiter accountability within your staffing firm. 

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