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In the staffing industry, no matter what niche you are in, reputation is everything. In today’s world where information is easy to acquire and opinion can be easily shared online, maintaining a clean reputation requires more effort for recruiters. As technology continues to evolve, businesses and innovators have come up with solutions on how to manage reputation better, and one of these solutions include the use of reputation management software.  

You might have already heard of it. But if you’re not entirely sure what it is for and how your recruitment team can make use of it, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss what reputation management is, what a reputation management software does and what benefits you can get from using a software to manage your recruitment company’s reputation. 

What is Reputation Management? 

Reputation management is the process of influencing how an audience or the general public perceives a brand. This process includes constant monitoring of conversations, feedback and trends that may impact the brand’s reputation. Reputation management these days involve a lot of work given the fact that many people have taken to the internet to express their views and opinions, including their experiences about engaging with a certain organization or brand. 

As a recruitment company, especially if your recruitment mostly involves sourcing talent online, it’s crucial that you actively manage your reputation. This might mean promoting positive candidate experiences to help increase brand awareness or, when the need arises, countering any negative feedback from candidates to avoid having a bad reputation. With a decent reputation management software, you can do all of those and more in one platform. 

What is a Reputation Management Software? 

A reputation management software is among the many tools businesses and reputation managers use to monitor how the public or a specific set of audience perceives their brand. Many companies offer reputation management software to be used by other businesses across different industries, but there is also niche-specific software that is tailored to meet the needs of a certain type of business. 

A reputation management software is mostly geared towards monitoring how the online community sees your brand. And for recruitment companies, the right kind of reputation management software can help improve brand awareness, trust, candidate experience and overall reputation as a recruitment company. Given the fact that people don’t always have a positive perception towards recruiters, a reputation management software can help a recruitment company change the way they are viewed by people online. 

Why Your Recruitment Team Should Have a Reputation Management Software 

There are many ways a recruitment team can take advantage of a reputation management software, especially one like Great Recruiters. Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from taking charge of your brand’s reputation while using a reputation management software. 

1. Help you actively manage your reputation 

One of the bad things about not having a reputation management strategy is that you don’t get to have an opportunity to resolve any conflicts or bad feedback about your brand. One of the biggest benefits of a reputation management software is that it can serve as an avenue for you to provide resolution to any issues encountered by disgruntled candidates. 

By not resolving issues, you can expect candidates to share their negative experience to as many people as they can. But by having a means to gather those negative feedback and resolve them before they become public can help you turn things around and instead provide your candidates a positive experience that is worth sharing with people, especially other candidates who can then become your prospects in the future. 

2. Enhance your online visibility 

They say that bad publicity is still publicity. For stars and politicians, that might be the case, but for businesses, it is not. In fact, one negative feedback is all it can take to ruin any business, especially a recruitment business. For a recruitment company to operate well during these times, you need to establish a positive brand that will make people interested in engaging with you. 

The way the online public perceives your brand will greatly impact your ability to gather candidates and fill in job vacancies for the clients you are recruiting for. With a good reputation management tool, you can easily gather feedback and use those to your advantage by sharing them online and showing your audience that you give importance to the quality of candidate experience that you deliver. 

3. Streamline feedback gathering 

By now, you might already understand the crucial role candidate feedback plays in your reputation management strategy. By gathering feedback from your candidates, you get to understand how your recruiters are engaging with them and helps you find out what aspects of your recruitment you need to improve. The best judge for the quality of candidate experience that you offer will be your candidates, so you should see to it that you have an efficient means of gathering candidate feedback. 

A good reputation management software can help you collect candidate feedback across all touchpoints of your hiring process so that you can effectively measure the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy and the quality of experience that your team provides to each candidate that you engage with. 

4. Generate actionable insights 

The feedback that you gather is a treasure trove of information that you can use to improve your reputation management and recruitment strategies. By understanding the pulse of your audience, you can properly take action and come up with a more targeted response to resolve issues candidates may have encountered along your recruitment process. The collection of candidate feedback that you get through a reputation management software can help you know what practices your team should continue and which ones you should stop. 

5. Improve recruiters’ performance 

Measuring recruiters’ performance used to be a difficult undertaking for many recruitment companies back in the days when gathering candidate feedback was not yet a thing. Recruitment businesses that started to proactively gather feedback from their candidates helped them better understand how their recruiters have been performing. This made it possible for recruitment team managers to reward recruiters who have been providing exceptional candidate experiences and help recruiters improve the way they engage with candidates at the same time. 

Boost Your Brand with a Reputation Management Software 

The best means of maintaining a positive reputation is by proactively managing it. You can’t always please every individual who decides to engage with your business, but you can always do something to resolve issues and celebrate every positive experience your recruitment team has delivered. Revamp your reputation management strategy by making use of a powerful online reputation management software like Great Recruiters. 

As an experience and reputation management platform for recruiting firms, Great Recruiters is specifically designed to meet the changing needs of recruitment companies when it comes to maintaining a stellar reputation. Great Recruiters makes it easy for you to understand your candidates, create remarkable candidate experiences, and improve your brand’s reputation in the recruitment industry.

Find out how our reputation management software can help you take charge of your reputation. 

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