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4 Online Reputation Management Tools for Staffing Companies

Oct 15, 2021

No matter how good you treat your potential hires, what they say about your staffing agency will often be what people would believe. Your character may be what builds your image to the eyes of your candidates, but what they tell the world through internet reviews will create your recruitment firm’s online reputation. Improving your hiring process is one, but reputation management is a whole new playing field.

Hence, it’s imperative that you use online reputation management tools to paint a perfect image of your staffing agency, or at least work towards getting zero flak from unhappy applicants. These online reputation management tools won’t cost you too much compared with the cost of having a bad reputation.

Don’t forget as well that time and effort on your end are requirements for making the said tools work. So read on, and get to work in putting them to good use, from simple social media to advanced reputation management software.

1. Employ Google Alerts to know what’s said about your staffing agency.

Google Alerts is a content detection service that will notify you when there is an online mention of your staffing agency. Whether your agency’s name is connected with praise or criticism, using online reputation management tools that will scour the ‘Net of your agency’s presence will lead you to do urgent action.

For instance, former applicants ranting about mishandlings during the hiring process can be approached for damage control, while those raving about the comfort they experienced can be thanked publicly. You may also compile these positive words for publishing on your firm’s social media accounts.

Setting up Google Alerts is easy. First, access the Google Alerts page, then encode keywords that pertain to your staffing agency. You can also set up the specific language or region from where alerts can come to avoid similar-sounding content from other countries.

You can also set up your alerts to be collected via Gmail. Instead of notifications piling up on your inbox, you can set up Gmail folders that will filter your incoming mail through keywords, perhaps the same keywords you indicated with Google Alerts. This way, documenting what is said about your staffing agency online is automated as well.

2. Make good use of search engine for Reputation Management.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, improves a website’s online visibility and search ranking by increasing website traffic. To do so, you must incorporate search engine keywords on your website and links to related web content so that netizens will flock to your website as a result of their online search.

Once your firm’s website has been established, take a look at the following steps to ensure that your agency’s website will gain traction, particularly from clients looking for staffing services or anyone looking into human resources and recruitment. In addition, consider online reputation management tools in your pursuit to employ SEO as a means to forward your staffing firm’s good name.

  • Incorporate a blog. See the blog as a great way to introduce the services of your staffing agency. In this blog, discuss pertinent issues about staffing, job hunting, and other topics your agency can help its readers with. End each article with an invitation to contact your firm for recruitment needs.
  • Use an SEO keyword generator. This is actually where SEO-related steps will come to play. There are free SEO keyword generators all over the internet that will allow you to enter a word or phrase and generate additional keywords based on what people have been searching online. When writing articles for your blog, make sure these keywords are mentioned in the article. This way, when such keywords are searched, your blog has more chances to come up in the results. The more articles you publish with more SEO keywords used, the more visible your staffing agency’s website will be to the World Wide Web.
  • Utilize web links. There are two kinds of web links. Internal web links direct to pages within the website, while external links go outside of the website. Using both for your blogs will increase web page activity, which is good for your SEO ranking. The more activity within the website, the more it is noticed by search engines.

If what the blog article discusses can be further improved through resources within your website, link them internally to another page you own using internal linking. If you would like to introduce other sources of information from other sites, external links are viable, but they should be used with caution. Make sure that the link you are leading to is a “healthy” link:

  • It’s a reputable source.
  • The webpage is not from a competitor.
  • The page is actually working.

3. Include social media in your arsenal of online reputation management tools.

These days, it’s almost a no-brainer to employ various social media sites as part of your online reputation management tools. With both job seekers and potential clients scouring the internet about recruitment agencies, your social media presence is also up for scrutiny. But take note that it’s not about how many social media accounts your staffing firm should have. It’s all about content.

SEO principles work with social media content as well. In making posts, you can include the exact keywords you used in your website’s blogs and incorporate web links, too. It would be nice to have a schedule of content for your social media sites so that there are constant updates for people to see, instead of seeing that the last post was months ago.

If you can gather positive reviews from clients and job hires, feature them on your social media posts. Use hashtags so that online algorithms will recognize your recruitment agency’s positive reviews as having related content with what clients look for in staffing firms. In short, fortify your social media with fantastic content that will show netizens that your recruitment firm knows what it is doing and is doing it well.

4. Your staffing agency would also need feedback management software.

While putting your recruitment firm’s best image out there is one way to improve your online reputation, it’s still more important to actually analyze what your firm is doing and work toward improving it. An efficient feedback management software can collect all this data for you in real-time so that your agency can rectify issues right away or post words of praise on your website or social media handles. Luckily, Great Recruiters’ sophisticated feedback management system is here for staffing agencies such as yours.

For starters, you can set up the system in a jiffy. Give us at least 48 hours, and you will be onboarded to use Great Recruiter’s automated feedback solutions. The experience management platform specially created for recruitment firms can easily adapt to your hiring process. With real-time feedback solicitation from candidates fresh out of the process, you can analyze data and use them promptly. Vivid visualization and user-friendly dashboards make pinpointing commendations and recommendations easy, and you can make necessary changes to your processes right away.

With timely improvements to your hiring efforts, potential hires will speak wonders about your agency, putting you ahead in the game of reputation management. Book a demo now to see what Great Recruiters can do for you.