Review a Recruiter

Candidate experience is a popular topic. But while many recruiting leaders talk about it, few are actually doing something about it. 

Enter, a company that actually walks the talk. Chief Visionary Officer Arran Stewart is passionate not only about creating great technology for recruiters, but using it to build exceptional experiences. He calls their combination of smart technology and a human-first approach: “technology with touch.”’s mission is to transform talent acquisition with smart technology and a human-first approach. Their data-driven, AI-powered recruitment platform aims to remove friction from the hiring process through both internal and external data, providing better, faster candidate matches and high-value experiences for all users.

With a platform powered by blockchain and AI—and multiple patents pending to incorporate new technologies— stands at the forefront of digital transformation for recruiting and staffing agencies.

Here are some of the ways that is continually improving the hiring process for candidates, clients, and recruiters—including their partnership with Great Recruiters to manage and enhance the experiences they create.’s decade-long digital evolution

Stewart began his journey in the UK in 2011 by founding The original platform was already on the frontier of digital transformation: leveraging AI-matching and job scripting to create a daily watchdog for the job seeker. The goal of the platform was to reduce the time candidates spent looking for a job. 

When changes in the email providers and GDPR made their traditional business model of data monetization difficult, Stewart made a pivot & acquired “It’s arguably one of the best URLs ever in our space—other than Great Recruiters,” said Stewart. 

Under Stewart’s leadership, positioned themselves as a one-stop shop for recruiters to manage candidate journeys from beginning to end. They have acquired five staffing agencies, empowering them with streamlined technologies and processes that they likely would not have access to otherwise. 

“Small recruitment agencies often have clunky processes,” said Stewart. “We’ve created a digital platform that helps provide a more streamlined process.”

“Technology with touch”: Finding the best of both worlds

No matter how far recruitment technology develops, the human recruiter isn’t going anywhere. Professionals simply don’t want to trust their livelihood to a machine. They want a human being—particularly one they can trust. 

“A lot of people say technology is taking recruiters’ jobs. I would say that we’re trying to take away parts of their jobs that are just redundant,” said Stewart. “You want the recruiter to do the human bit, where they talk to the candidate. Let the tech do the low value, laborious tasks.” 

In a tech-enabled economy, the value of the recruiter is no longer access to the jobs. It’s the role of trusted advisor, or career consultant. “If they build a great reputation and they’re trusted by the candidate, they can become that career concierge that’s guiding you through your career and timeline,” said Stewart. 

For that reason, prioritizes transparency on their platform. When a user lands on and goes through the hiring process, they have full visibility into salaries, job requirements—even the recruiter they’re matched with.

Additionally, the platform provides a speedy but high quality experience for the job seeker. A proprietary AI works on the backend to match and screen candidates, setting them up with a recruiter immediately. 

On the front end: “As a job seeker, I wouldn’t know the difference between and ZipRecrutier. And that’s fine. The difference is the matching and the screening—and the candidate is immediately booked for their first interview with the recruiter.” 

Job seekers = the new consumers’s emphasis on transparency and user experience stems from a simple truth: Job seekers have become the new consumers, not clients. Agencies need to build their processes and experiences accordingly. 

Instead of treating job seekers like commodities, recruiters should provide value at every step of the journey. “I would rather someone come to our site and find something of value for them, and if they choose to go and complete that somewhere else, I’m delighted for them,” said Stewart. “We’re here to help people get jobs. Of course I would like them to go through our experience, but making that experience seamless enough that the consumer stays and follows through—that’s on us.”

Plus, as candidate habits change, recruiters will have to change as well. “When you think beyond Generation Z, but when Generation Alpha hits the labor force, they probably won’t even consider writing a resume. In a life where they’ve never known anything but Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube—they’ll probably want to apply through a video medium.” This is one reason why is working to build patented video resume and transcription tools to prepare for this emerging trend. + Great Recruiters partnership recently partnered with Great Recruiters to further their mission of creating seamless, human-first hiring experiences. Already Stewart is seeing the impact from the Great Recruiters platform. “The feedback is that people feel great because they’re being recognized for the fact that they treat people with respect, dignity, and great service.” is leveraging that feedback primarily to build the personal brand of their recruiters, enabling them to be the human face of the brand. Specifically, Great Recruiters’s automated review capture and promotion features highlight and differentiate the special skills and expertise of the recruitment team.  

“For the first time ever, there’s a way of demonstrating the difference between this recruiter and that recruiter. Great Recruiters is a game changer, hence why we’re a customer,” said Stewart. 

Great Recruiters is also helping surface issues in real time—and fix them before they become problems. “People are more likely to complain than say good things. And what we’ve found many times is that it’s a simple misunderstanding.” Stewart remarked on how both elevating positive reviews and providing insight into misunderstandings—so their team can correct them—provides major value to their organization. 

Overall, the partnership between and Great Recruiters is geared toward serving the most important person in the staffing industry: the human recruiter. By empowering them with tools and technologies to help them do their jobs better, both platforms will ensure that digital transformation is a net positive for the industry as a whole.

Stewart said it best: “The industry is evolving and changing even further. It’s about raising standards, making things better, and learning from the mistakes of the past.”

Learn more about the Great Recruiters platform and how to get started with a free company account here.