Review a Recruiter

Has your staffing firm created a positive online reputation yet? It’s integral that you do, with almost if not all potential clients using the internet to look for which recruitment agencies have the best image and standing. After all, everyone has a digital footprint, whether it may be individuals or organizations such as your staffing firm. From job descriptions you’re posted on social media to reviews former candidates have written, this information about your services can find its way to anyone. If you are truly concerned about what is said about your agency, you should be doing something about it.  

If your agency’s online reputation is not as present as it should be, you are missing out on a grand opportunity. Being proactive with reputation management has its benefits, spanning from a better-recruiting strategy to more clients in the future. Also, being active in safeguarding your online reputation helps to clear out any grievances unsatisfied potential hires may have aired on social media. Looking out for negative reviews in staffing directed to your agency diminishes the chances of others being affected by their content. 

But do take note that building an online reputation is more than just setting up a website or social media account. Take a look at these four steps you can take in turning up your recruitment agency’s online reputation.  

Regularly search your recruitment firm’s name online

Start with something very simple: a Google search. A study emphasized that while 75% of surveyed US adults want to check what is said about them online, 48% don’t like what they find out.1 Think of your recruitment agency experiencing the same thing when coming across a rather scathing review. Sure, some shock or annoyance may be your initial reaction, but for the sake of your firm’s online reputation, choose to be proactive rather than reactive. 

Instruct your team to do regular searches of your firm on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Give specific emphasis on sites job hunters frequent, like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. These websites are ground zero for reviews pertaining to what candidates experienced during the hiring process. It’s also where potential clients might be snooping around on which staffing agency to pick for their employment needs. 
Part of protecting your online reputation is devising a system on how to answer unhappy candidate experience rantings. If possible, directly comment on these negative reviews. This is advisable because readers will see that your firm is taking action right then and there. Apply the same principle for positive reviews. Give thanks for the flattering words, then save the content. You can use this for your website and social media handles, particularly for scheduled posting in the future. 

Register your firm’s domain name. 

A domain name is a unique string of text used to access a website. Simply put, it is the name of the website plus the dot-com. For example, notice that website URLs to any Facebook account always have the “Facebook-dot-com” in it. It’s because the website is owned by Facebook. 

Now think of this: wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your recruitment firm’s name with a dot-com attached to it? Compared to social media accounts, having your own website gives off a vibe of professionalism to clients and potential hires. Furthermore, having a registered domain name gives you better power to control what is written about your staffing agency. Unsatisfied former hires may rant all they want on free sites, but when others search for your recruitment firm, they go straight to your website. That is the power of the domain name. 

If your staffing agency has its own IT team, ask them how you can set up a domain name. There are several service providers out there, so do some research on which one will work best for your firm. Making sure that having a domain name that bears your agency’s semblance is part of tactical reputation management. 

Hire an online reputation management specialist. 

There’s nothing wrong with creating a DIY set of steps to protect your firm’s online reputation. However, asking for help from professionals who are adept at the know-hows of a clean online reputation won’t hurt either. Firms or specialists who deal with managing an online image know specific preventive measures to keep their client’s name clear. They can do regular online scanning, remove associations of your agency from damaging content, and even file complaints regarding things said about your services. 

Scout around for recommendations or testimonials of online reputation management professionals. They will come in different price points and range of services, so it’s key to identify up to what extent you will be needing your help. You might also want to be mindful of legal issues surrounding these specialists or firms. Your goal is to keep your staffing agency’s name away from controversy, not go near it. 

Constantly collect reviews. 

The more reviews you generate for your firm, the better chances you have at creating a better online reputation. Getting regular feedback on what is happening during the hiring process will give your recruitment agency an idea of what to change or improve. These positive changes will soon create happy potential hires who are satisfied with their experience, then, in turn, write about them. Reviews that speak of praises about your firm will soon pile up, and you can boast about them on your website or social media handles

Your firm needs a brilliant tool that will manage the reviews collection process with ease, but is also user-friendly and built to assist unique and specific concerns of staffing agencies like yours. Great Recruiters is your firm’s best choice in gathering and assessing reviews for the improvement of hiring operations. You can set requests for feedback at specific periods in the recruitment process, and even send a follow-up message. The system’s vivid data visualization will allow you to identify key areas in the process that need mending, or which steps are deemed most effective. 

Great Recruiters understand that technology like this can be overwhelming. That is why a 48-hour onboarding procedure has been organized so that agency managers and personnel can be equipped with the online reputation management tool right away. You will be gathering reviews in no time, and working towards an online reputation your firm can be proud of. 

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