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3 Ways Your Online Reputation Can Help with Your Hiring Process

Dec 1, 2021


With our world continuously embracing digital, your online reputation is a useful tool you can leverage to step up your hiring game. You would want to ensure that the conversations in your staffing firm’s reviews, presence in search and social media, and other online executions all ladder up to a positive reputation. This approach is vital, especially now that candidates do heavy research and consume content from the internet before deciding to trust you with their next career move. 

So, have you ever really thought of online reputation as a strategic way to convince candidates to sign up with your staffing firm? If not yet, don’t worry. It’s nothing you can’t handle. To give you a head start, we’ve listed down ways on how to use your online reputation to your advantage as you guide prospective professionals through your hiring process. 

Your search presence boosts your spot in the candidates’ consideration list. 

It’s a common practice these days: hiring managers search online to form their impression about their list of candidates; job seekers do the same in formulating the image of staffing firms and hiring companies in their minds. Most certainly, job seekers research your firm online and then use the information to help them decide whether or not they would apply to your job post.  

For this reason, you would want to influence the results they see when they search for your firm. Implementing an online reputation management approach consistent with search engine optimization’s (SEO) best practices will help you shape the narrative around your desired brand story. A well-crafted SEO improves the spotlight on the diverse contents and channels you have, such as your firm’s website, blogs, and other related publications about your organization. In addition, developing an effective SEO plan for your company will give you control over what keywords to associate with your brand. 

Apart from fortifying your search results, implementing SEO helps in enhancing your credibility among competitors as you uplift your brand, which then attracts and engages top talent, eventually giving you impactful returns on investment. 

Social media presence can help build candidate engagements that add to your talent pipeline. 

Your social media can’t be an afterthought if you want to control the messaging that potential candidates receive. Platforms that are inactive or nonexistent are similar to boarded-up windows in that they don’t reveal anything and are typically a source of anxiety.  

Actively use your brand’s social media profiles as a novel way to boost your online reputation and attract potential applicants. Social media channels are more relaxed environments, making it easier for prospective candidates to engage with companies.   

You might have heard that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram may all be used to target and engage job searchers. So, although younger generations are more engaged on social media, you can instead adopt strategies that target different demographics on various platforms to ensure that your reach is as broad as possible. For example, if you want to hire entry-level staff, targeting Gen Zs on a platform like Facebook may be a decade-old approach. So go where they are instead, like Instagram or YouTube, and create content that naturally draws them into your brand. 

You can also consider your social media pages to be windows into your organization by showcasing your company culture. A well-managed group of social media profiles highlights the best of what your organization has to offer. Curating different social media content to provide an inside glimpse at what it may be like to work for your firm is a simple (and free) approach to distinguish your organization from competitors. Feature your company’s culture and personality, industry news and updates, and other useful content. It will draw top talent if mentions of your organization highlight how you treat your employees, what the workplace is like, and what amenities you give on good terms. 

Online reviews give candidates additional push to hit that “apply” button. 

According to a workplace survey, one in every three interview hopefuls has been known to decline a job offer after reading at least one unfavorable review. Who would want to work for a company with a terrible reputation? Suffice to say that negative online reviews can only harm your hiring pool. Even if the reports are fake or overblown, there will undoubtedly be some blowback, and deleting such reviews can inflict even more harm.  

Be attentive to those who called your attention due to bad experiences. Don’t forget that your approach to negative reviews can always revive trust in your brand. If you feel the need to discuss the matter further when you get negative reviews in staffing, doing so on a more personal level can direct you toward the best results. If there’s an unpleasant candidate experience, you should act quickly to resolve the problem and make amends before it worsens. Try to respond as timely as possible. Candidates seeking jobs want businesses to respond to their feedback within a week, especially if they had a bad experience. 

Of course, let’s not forget to appreciate candidates who have gone out of their way to compliment you. Keep interacting with people who submit reviews, whether they gave good or bad feedback. Remember, it is how you handle different scenarios that will convince prospective applicants to hit the “apply” button because they know they’ll be well-taken-cared of by able hands. 

Give your online reputation a boost by investing in a Reputation Management Tool. 

A recruitment team that continuously innovates and finds ways to improve its online reputation will always be first in line to land the best candidates. With an online reputation management software like Great Recruiters, you can get feedback and analyze them to improve your company’s recruiting strategy. You can even set feedback requests for specific times during the recruitment process and send a follow-up message. Moreover, the system’s graphic data visualization will help you spot problem areas in the process and determine which recruiting strategies are most successful.   

Great Recruiters know that new technology can be challenging to adopt. Because of this, a 48-hour onboarding process has been set up so that agency managers and staff may get started using the online reputation management tool straight away. You’ll be collecting reviews in no time and building an internet reputation that your company can take pride in. So, get your hands on this cutting-edge platform and improve your online reputation today. Book a demo now.