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We already live in a world where the field of recruitment has become a candidate’s market. Talents have more options and opinions over where they want to apply. This fact is supported by the latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows that the unemployment rate last May 2021 is just below five percent, with voluntary turnovers increasing steadily. This means job seekers are more confident to explore more career options and less likely to endure long hiring cycles designed to put them through stages that take too long and are too tedious. The fact of the matter is, there are many opportunities out there, and they have more control to choose which environment suits their liking best. 

This candidate-favored market extends even to their reviews. Their feedback has enough power to shape your reputation. Especially considering that online reviews are the new amplified word-of-mouth, the importance of feedback lies in the fact that what candidates say about you directly affects your business. This is highly significant considering that your potential candidates do prior research about your company before even sending in their applications. A Glassdoor study shows that 86% of their users read company reviews and ratings as the first step to their job hunting, while 50% of talents say they wouldn’t consider working for a company with a bad reputation even if offered a pay increase.

The thought of having a bad review pop up somewhere on the worldwide web overnight is taxing and detrimental to your business. But there’s a silver lining to the candidate-favored market we all have to navigate through now—it gives you more control over the candidate experience you provide and gives you the added benefit of utilizing one of the most effective, organic marketing strategies that can boost your recruitment brand value. 

It all starts with ensuring you deliver an exceptional candidate experience worthy of being raved about in the talent market. How do you do this? By taking advantage of the very thing that defines your team’s performance and recruitment processes—candidate feedback. Their reviews are your asset. Your applicants are on the other end of the hiring spectrum and are in the best position to evaluate the recruitment service you delivered. Are you giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts on the candidate experience you provided? Do you know what your hiring process is like for them? 

Capturing their feedback is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means to delivering world-class customer service and is the starting point to improve candidate experience. When utilized properly, it can provide you insightful analysis of your hiring process, recruiter performance, and your entire recruitment brand. This is why the importance of feedback should not be underestimated—it essentially provides you all the data you need to enhance your recruitment services

The Importance of Feedback in Recruitment

Here’s a nugget of wisdom on one of the worse kept secrets of all time: everyone can benefit from feedback—including you. 

When captured strategically, you can appropriate feedback to ensure that you align your whole process with your candidates’ needs. You have an effective means to measure your performance and consistently put your best foot forward with every candidate interaction. Having your finger on the pulse of your hiring process means you’ll be less likely to be blindsided by missteps or inefficiencies. You can have a clear and concrete picture of the overall health of your recruitment services. 

Because Great Recruiters knows the power of leveraging the right insights to drive more results, we’ve made feedback management easy and accessible for you. Since our platform is designed specifically for staffing firms, we provide solutions that empower you to deliver the best candidate experience possible and strengthen your reputation.  

We do this by capturing feedback from your candidates at critical stages of the recruitment process, so your team gets a good idea of which parts of your approach to improve, retain, or remove altogether. During these touchpoints, our software evaluates the responses submitted by your candidates. It provides you with pivot points on where to optimize the outcome of your candidate engagement for optimal results.

With Great Recruiters, you know what direction to take toward the first step to enhancing your recruitment services. 

Improve Candidate Experience Using Candidate Feedback

We know that one of your greatest assets is the feedback of the very people you serve. So, our experience management platform makes sure you can capture them easily and utilize them efficiently. Here’s how to capture job seekers’ thoughts and turn them into actionable improvements for your recruiting strategy. 

1. Stay on top of your recruitment process and spot mistakes before they turn into problems. 

The last thing you want is to discover that a mistake has been slowly growing into an issue without you even knowing. But you won’t solve that unless you seek to measure what you don’t know. So, the first thing you need to do is gather the data you need to know the overall health of your recruitment process. This is very important because undetected mistakes and bottlenecks in your hiring process can cause you to lose qualified candidates.

With 60% of applicants dropping out of the hiring process because it was too long and complicated, 52% were frustrated because they were left in the dark by recruiters for months, and 63% will refuse a job offer because of poor candidate experience, you want to make sure every single stage of your hiring process delivers a positive experience each time. 

With Great Recruiters, you can spot mistakes before they escalate into issues. Because our tool uses real-time tracking of your candidate reviews, you can dive right into the hiring issues your company may be facing. You don’t have to worry about manually collecting feedback because we’ve automated it for you. Using our software, review requests for candidate feedback will keep on coming automatically, and you can quickly respond to candidate feedback all in one place. You’ll be able to gather enough data to evaluate the standing of your company’s recruitment process and optimize as necessary to curate faster and more efficient recruitment processes while still maintaining the quality of hire. 

2. Get insights into your candidate’s thoughts at specific recruitment stages. 

A top-notch recruitment service goes beyond just an efficient hiring process and a highly relational recruitment team. As a staffing firm, your true goal is to provide lasting value with the best candidate-client match possible. The best kind of recruitment service is the right kind of recruitment. True match-making starts with listening to your candidates. 

We know that workplace culture, salary, and benefits aren’t the only factors candidates look for nowadays. This is why we emphasize the importance of feedback—it helps you listen better to your talents. Great Recruiters knows that by capturing feedback in specific stages of the recruitment, you can stay aligned with your candidate’s demands and gain relevant insight into what they truly need. Delivering long-term value is what matters most as a recruiter; this is where your candidate engagement soars and your client’s ROI increases.

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3. Monitor your recruitment team’s performance to achieve business goals. 

The importance of feedback lies in its power to help your recruitment team achieve a common goal and drive better results. Do your recruiters know what quality of candidate experience your staffing firm wants to deliver? Do they know how well they are currently performing against that goal? Your recruiters are the frontliners of your recruitment brand value; they are who your candidates interact with and are your best assets to make a lasting impression. However, it would be difficult for them to drive results if they don’t know how well they are performing. They need to know where they stand and how to improve to provide top-notch candidate experience. 

Great Recruiters makes sure your team has enough insights into their performance. Our platform provides you with dashboard and data visualizations that show you your team’s performance in just a click, so you can have a bird’s eye view of the experiences your recruiters deliver, helping you turn insights into actions. Through accountability and transparency, your team can resolve issues faster, tailor-fit development opportunities, and foster a culture of healthy competition using the leader board. Providing them with data-driven feedback will enable them to stay on track with goals and provide them a concrete path for continuous progress and better performance.  

Elevate Your Recruitment Services through Data-drive Feedback 

When it comes to enhancing your recruitment services, the importance of feedback cannot be underestimated. Driving your business forward requires making informed decisions anchored in consistent, relevant, and timely data. 

At Great Recruiters, we provide you with the tools you need to streamline the hiring process, increase recruiter performance, and boost your recruiter brand value. All you need to elevate your recruitment services are all on one platform. It’s easy to set up, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

See how Great Recruiters can help you Have more control over the experiences you create and shape your reputation positively.

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