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How a company works from within will show on the outside. If workers and their supervisors collaborate in perfect harmony, the products or services they provide will lead to a better customer experience. This is no different to your recruitment team, only that your “customers” here are applicants and company clients.  

As with any company, teamwork is key. Making sure your team has a relationship that puts professionalism ahead of differences is a critical task. Though you may have recruiters varying in backgrounds, inculcating in them the importance of working together will imbibe the right attitude towards success. 

Here are some reasons why you should put a premium on teamwork to enhance your customer experience management and achieve a positive experience for your potential hires and your clients. 

Teamwork encourages open communication. 

Speaking up whenever concerns arise should be a common practice within the recruitment firm as you implement customer experience management. When teammates understand that they can easily ask for help, problems are alleviated even before they get worst. Be it about requesting assistance or giving feedback about one’s work, everyone must feel the need to speak up as appropriate. As a manager, the way to introduce professional communication is to make sure lines are open. 

Invest in choosing the best messaging apps that will work well for the firm, but be strict with the boundaries of when to use such apps, e.g. no more communications after-office hours. Also, saying that the firm practices an open-door policy is not enough. During team building, introduce activities that allow learning and emphasis on feedback-giving in a professional environment. 

Send a message that communications with your candidates should be like how you talk to your colleagues: professional, succinct, and well-worded. Of course, you must be an exemplar of this so-called open-door policy. Reach out to your team right away when the need arises. 

Teamwork fosters unity in working towards goals. 

It’s a given that your recruiters are introduced to the firm’s mission-vision-objectives at the start of their employment, but as time goes by, understanding or even remembering these core values diminish. When there’s a loss of grounding to the firm’s goals, everyone loses their way, and work becomes more of a burden or a requirement. 

When your team finds meaning in what they do, it will reflect well on customer experience management. If your team can regain footing in what the firm strives to become, this will result in satisfied applicants and clients. So, make sure that the team is always reminded of your staffing firm’s aspirations. 

One way to do this is to start by asking them about their own goals. Set up one-on-one and team catchup meetings, so they can share what they hope to achieve from working in the recruitment firm. Once you have identified their own goals, discuss with them how the firm can contribute to helping them reach the said goals. Empower them by stating how their presence in the agency contributes well to company values and objectives. Make them feel that they also reach their goals as they work toward the company goals.  

Teamwork nourishes responsibilities that promote empowerment.

Customer experience management for the firm calls upon specific roles and tasks to be done in the recruitment process. While everyone is stationed at a particular stage in said process, sometimes there is fear and hesitation in making decisions. Especially in a team when there is a clear leader, apprehension in making mistakes arises, and additional time is taken in asking questions and looking for the right action.

However, if managers are able to empower each member to make decisions on their own, processes become smoother. Yes, there is still the fear of creating a mishap, but at least team members will know better to take the mishap as a lesson and move forward.

To achieve empowerment through individual tasks, make sure to assign the right person to the tasks they are the experts on. This way, they understand why they are assigned to such tasks. For instance, a recruiter who is eloquent with oral communications will do well with interviews, while another team member who is good with statistics can handle collecting data from reviews. 

Once you have assigned the right person to the correct job, give them free rein to make decisions when problems arise. Make them feel they are trusted to make big decisions, and remind them that if the decision wasn’t the right one, they could always charge it to experience.

By allowing them to make decisions on their own, they grow further as professionals. This growth contributes well to customer experience management because they will be more confident about handling applicants and your company clients in the future. 

Teamwork lets you achieve a sense of community. 

Finally, if teamwork is present within the firm, everyone feels they are part of a community. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you belong. This sense of joy and fulfillment will bubble over to client experiences, resulting in positive reviews and an uplifted recruiter brand. The team does not need to be the best of friends. They only need to know that they have people within the company who share the same vision. 

While team-building activities and company lunches will contribute to a sense of community, look for opportunities also to allow more professional connections within the team. Assign mentors to newer team members and let newbies shadow more tenured recruiters as they do their tasks.

It’s a good idea to give time for catchup meetings that will allow recruiters to share the progress of their work with their mentors. You may remind everyone to be more personal when giving feedback; opt for a short, direct message or DM instead of waiting for the next meeting to tell co-workers of a job well done.  

Teamwork is essential in customer experience management. 

Experience within the team speaks volumes of what your potential hires will go through and what kind of client service you will deliver. When recruiters feel they are supported, the applicants and clients they handle will have the same assurance. 

A way to improve teamwork is to practice the art of giving feedback, and you can start with it by collecting feedback from the applicants and clients you serve. While creating a survey and sending it to your potential hires sounds like a plan, there’s more to it than hoping they’ll respond. Take charge in collecting feedback by letting Great Recruiters into the picture. 

Great Recruiters is your excellent resource for customer experience management. This reputation management platform will automate survey requests from candidates and collect them in real-time. By seeing feedback as they are collected, you can forward comments to your team right away to correct actions or celebrate milestones.

Also, triumphant reviews can be posted in your firm’s social media accounts to help you publicly applaud team accomplishments and contribute to a positive recruiter brand.

Sounds like great ways to uphold teamwork and your agency’s reputation?

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