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Let’s face it, if you’re in the business of hiring outstanding talent for your clients, then candidates are the bread & butter for your company. The equation here is simple, 

But how can you truly attract a candidate and make sure s/he trusts your brand? Well, that’s where experience management comes in. Experience management is a process through which you can measure and improve the journey of your candidate to ensure you’re providing a remarkable engagement.

Place Your Sincerity in Every Candidate Experience

Why is tracking candidate experience important? Tracking candidate experience plays a crucial role in the staffing industry for the following reasons:

  1. You can understand areas of improvement 10x faster with detailed feedback.
  2. You can make your candidates feel valued which will generate more leads for your organization.
  3. You can remedy a bad experience before it goes public. 
  4. You can cherry pick the best practices that are loved and continue to improve. 

Creating these values can be more rewarding for your staffing agency than it seems. Experience factors — like whether candidates found your website easy to navigate or if you have given your candidates an exceptional experience throughout the hiring process — have the power to better your ability to generate new leads.

According to the Staffing Advantage Report, only 18% of placed candidates were satisfied enough with the service they received to recommend their staffing agency to a friend or colleague. That’s a scary conversion for the industry right? But, you can change the horizon pretty quickly and triple your satisfaction if you have the right strategies in place.

How to Generate Better Leads with Experience Management

For this piece, let’s zoom in on candidates’ experience management. How do you earn your candidates’ trust and recommendations? Here are five ideas you can act on now to leverage experience management and candidate feedback to not only generate leads — but leads that could help you create value long-term.

1. Build a candidate-centric recruitment process.

With more than 20,000 staffing agencies in the U.S. alone, the recruitment marketplace is heavily saturated and competitive. But how can you stand out in the staffing industry? The answer is simple. If your strategy is candidate-centric, it will create a domino effect by gaining you more referrals, better ratings in online portals and increased retention among candidates.

But how can you create a candidate-centric strategy? That’s where experience management comes in. With SaaS like Great Recruiters, you can ensure your candidate is valued throughout the process with the highest priority. 

Demonstrate that your recruitment agency values the candidates by providing them with a hiring process that is stress-free and easy to follow. For a staffing business, that means carefully screening your applicants and making sure that you are actually matching them with the right job opportunities that suit their skills.

This way, you get to establish how reliable your recruitment team is in finding the right people for the job openings you are hiring for. Ultimately, this will turn into an efficient hiring strategy, with less turnover, more satisfied placements and more opportunities to generate leads.

2. Become more acquainted with your candidates.

Developing an understanding and relationship with your candidates gives your staffing firm first-hand knowledge and empathy, well-equipping it to be one step ahead to having highly qualified leads of potential hires and clients at the same time. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Active listening. Be present during every conversation you have with your candidates. This way, you have a better understanding of what they can offer as a professional and where to better place them.
  • Look for commonality. Because technology like email creates a barrier to interpersonal connections like facial expressions, make it a point to find something in common with your candidates to establish rapport.
  • Positive communication. Use concise and clear language with a friendly tone and encourage open communications by encouraging your candidates to ask questions or share their thoughts.
  • Give a face to the name. With the way things are today, it’s not always possible to meet your candidates face-to-face, so create a broad “meet the team” photo collage on your website’s homepage. This will create a sense of closeness to your company and the candidates, reminding them that they’re dealing with real human beings just like them. Additionally, make video calls a preferred method of communication as it allows both you and your candidates to see each other, even just via videos.

3. Measure what works and modify as you go.

Zero in on points of friction and improve on them. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) that influence your recruitment agency’s candidate experience.

Focus on KPIs like the candidate satisfaction rate. If you want to establish a staffing agency that meets the ever-changing demands of job applicants, it’s essential that you take into account your candidates’ feedback across all touchpoints. This way, you get to understand what steps within your processes need improvement and find out how to you can do better.

A subpar candidate satisfaction rate suggests a problem at one or multiple points in your firm’s process, which can potentially cost you hires. With so many companies competing for the attention of applicants in the talent market, another recruitment agency that offers a better recruitment experience can easily generate leads and fill job vacancies than you would, which can also impact how potential clients can view your brand. Bottom line: a poor candidate experience can greatly impact how your staffing agency is viewed by potential clients and candidates.

 4. Inspire word-of-mouth referrals.

Despite advancements in technology that have given birth to various marketing channels and tools, word-of-mouth marketing is as relevant as ever. People still talk face-to-face in social settings (even in digital social settings) and swap their experiences in working with staffing agencies. You can easily generate leads from referrals, especially if you are constantly getting positive feedback from the candidates you have been working with.

Here are several ways in which you can improve your recruitment agency’s experience to get candidates talking about you:

  • Be Genuine when interacting with candidates.
  • Maintain constant communication and always be Responsive
  • Showcase your staffing team’s Experience in helping candidates succeed.
  • Be an Advisor to your candidates by using your industry knowledge in matching them to the right jobs.
  • Provide a Transparent process and guide your candidates through each step of the recruitment.

With these five GREAT elements of recruitment, you can easily build a candidate experience that is painless and worthy of referrals.

5. Use social proof.

There’s no doubt about it: we are social animals. If we are struggling to make a decision, we defer to what other people are doing. This is why gathering candidate feedback cannot be overlooked. If you want to easily generate leads and fill up job vacancies faster, share online how your candidates perceive your brand.

Social proof is all about the law of large numbers. By never missing out on an opportunity to collect and analyze candidate feedback, your staffing agency will have a treasure trove of reviews from happy candidates. You can share the reviews on social media, your website, and at events. This can do wonders for your online reputation.

With this in mind, you should also think of creating case studies that feature clients from similar industries you’re trying to attract, as well as the goals they’re trying to reach. Then, you can stack these case studies, online reviews, and testimonials into a mountain of social proof that displaces clients’ internal objections to trusting your staffing company. 

Generate leads by strengthening your experience management.

Experience management can easily generate leads for your staffing firm. By building positive experience for your candidates, you are laying down the groundwork for a candidate-centric culture—the positive feedback loop of incentives for making the best fit between employers’ needs and candidates’ qualifications. Just remember that this requires getting to know your candidates first hand and delivering support tailored to their employment needs.

With an increase in positive candidate experience comes a rise in referrals. From there, social proof can be collected and highlighted from your reams of candidate feedback. This can help you establish a positive online reputation which can then help you gain more clients.

The good news: understanding your candidates is a much smoother process with the advent of experience management platforms like Great Recruiters.

An easy-to-use feedback and reputation management software like this allows you to put your finger on precisely what your candidates love about your staffing service. But, just as importantly, Great Recruiters can zero in on what areas of your recruitment needs improvement. With such knowledge comes the power not only to generate leads, but ultimately convert those leads into followers of your brand.

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