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Experience Management Platforms vs. Survey Programs: What’s the Difference?

by | Dec 19, 2023

When capturing feedback from recruiters, clients, and placed talent, you basically have two options: experience management platforms and survey programs. 

And if you want to achieve the following results, experience management is the far superior choice: 

  • Improve recruiter performance
  • Increase retention and redeploy rates
  • Get more callbacks
  • Elevate your brand reputation

    Here are four reasons why you should choose an experience management platform over survey programs to capture feedback, reviews, and testimonials. 

    1. Real-time reviews & insights

    Functionally, experience management is a completely different category from survey programs. You can see this most clearly when you look at it from four angles:

    • WHEN: You receive feedback at the critical moment of engagement—after a call, post-placement, etc.—not year-end. This empowers you to act to resolve any issue (or praise your team’s success) in real time. 
    • WHAT: You don’t just capture NPS stats, but detailed insights into the quality of the candidate experience—read their perspective, in their words, in real time. 
    • WHO: By automating review request to everyone you engage with—including the 90% of people you don’t place—you get a fully comprehensive view of the candidate journey
    • HOW: With automated systems and processes that run in the background, you’re always capturing feedback—which means you can spend your time responding to reviews, not just capturing them. 


    “Great Recruiters is an easy-to-use platform that allows me to collect feedback from the healthcare professionals I work with in real-time. I am able to check in frequently to review the feedback I am given so that I can adjust accordingly, and I can send my review link to other potential professionals to review as they decide which recruiter they want to work with.”

    Read the full review here

    2. Breadth and depth of feedback

    An experience management program doesn’t deliver one-time survey results, but comprehensive coverage of the candidate’s journey in real time.

    If you wait until year-end to capture feedback, and that feedback is negative, you won’t know where the breakdown happened. Was it during the initial discovery call? Or later, after the candidate was placed? 

    With experience management, you get that feedback instantly, so your recruiters can respond in the moment with the full context of the situation.

    Experience management also offers depth of insight into individual recruiter performance. Rather than only measure your agency at the top level (which, of course, we offer), Great Recruiters enables you to drill down to the desk level, identifying top performers to praise and finding struggling recruiters to coach.  

    great recruiters dashboard


    “Great Recruiters helps us to stay in touch with our customers by getting real, actional feedback that we can use to improve the services we offer. We can also use it to celebrate our success by marketing our positive feedback to future customers.”

    Read the review here

    3. Ease of use

    You don’t need yet another process or system to add to your ever-growing workload. You need something that you can set up in a couple of hours, run in the background, and see the results as they come in. 

     The best experience management platforms have a simple UX that’s easy to use, with both agencywide and desk-level insights available at your fingertips. Automated alerts also ensure your leadership sees a review at the moment it comes in so they can take action within seconds. 

     For example, Great Recruiters’ front-facing recruiter and agency pages display your average ratings and live review feeds in a simple, easy-to-digest format—candidates don’t have to hunt to see what people are saying about you. 

     Not only that, but our Great Recruiters Customer Success team is here to help if you have any issues. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier support so you can maximize the benefits of the platform. 


    “Great Recruiters is so easy to use, especially with the guidance of our Customer Success Manager, David George. I was a little intimidated at first when I was introduced to the platform, but it’s extremely user-friendly and provides easy navigation. Their Knowledge Base has been an excellent resource for new users (and experienced ones) who need a quick refresh!”

    Read the review here

    4. Built by recruiters, for recruiters

    At the end of the day, only recruiters get the recruiting & staffing industry. The nuances, concerns, struggles, etc. Although intangible, that reality is something that certainly sets Great Recruiters apart from the competition—we’re built by recruiters, for recruiters.

    This is one of the reasons why we’re able to provide so many recruiter-specific benefits—it’s because we know you, we feel your pain, and we’re constantly working to provide actual value to your experience and work processes.

    What’s more, we’re plugged into the industry, so we know what people want and put them onto our product roadmap. In fact, all of our best ideas started out as a customer request at some point!

    So when you join Great Recruiters, you’re a part of the process. You get to help us build the platform. Try saying that to one of the other survey systems out there. 

    Switching from survey programs to experience management

    For Find Great People, the value of experience management was so profound that they dropped their survey program and went all in on Great Recruiters. 

    Here’s what they had to say:

    “Great Recruiters gives us an organized way of capturing feedback on a regular basis—and it’s always flowing. Previously we used ClearlyRated, which gave a high volume of feedback at one time, then we had to dig through to figure out if it was outdated and how to use it. With Great Recruiters, the feedback is immediately actionable plus it gives our marketing team and recruiters a steady supply of content to celebrate publicly.”

    If you want to maximize recruiter performance, measure and enhance the experiences you create, and elevate your brand, set up some time to talk with the Great Recruiters team.

     Let’s get started today.

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