Review a Recruiter

It’s a simple business principle: the more you invest in an asset, the more return you want (and need) to see. For recruiting and staffing agencies, the #1 investment is, without a doubt, your people.

So how do you maximize the ROI of your people? Well, you certainly don’t wait until the end of the year or the end of a quarter to capture feedback that really only tells you whether they’d recommend the recruiter to a friend—but won’t tell you why and how to fix it. 

Instead, you need an experience management platform to monitor, measure, and maintain the quality of the experiences your recruiters create. That way, if there is a problem with your people, you can keep it from spiraling out of control. 

As an agency owner, read on to see how an investment in experience management will pay for itself in both seen and unseen dollars. 

And if you’re a recruiter, send this article to your boss to convince them to give you the tools you need to be effective. 

1. Return on reviews: volume, timeliness, visibility 

Every aspect of your business needs a QA component. For a service-based business like recruiting and staffing, there’s no greater QA tool than reviews. Of course, we all understand this—you can’t go anywhere, whether to a restaurant or doctor’s office, without being asked to leave a review or take a survey.

But so many agencies struggle to see a return on those reviews. There are three reasons why: 

  • Lack of volume. Unless recruiters request reviews directly, you probably won’t get the volume necessary to measure trends and insights. You’ll only capture insights from the very loud top and bottom of the stack, but not the silent middle. 
  • Lack of timeliness. Reviews that come in at the end of the year or quarter are pointless. You may be able to get some insight, but it’s too late to act on it. 
  • Lack of insight. Knowing whether someone is satisfied with your service is one thing. Having the deep, qualitative information that can help you figure out why and how to either fix or double down on it is another. 

Take a look at how our users leverage Great Recruiters to automate review capture, increasing their volume and delivering the insights necessary to drive positive change:

“[Great Recruiters] integrated seamlessly into our ATS (applicant tracking system). We use Bullhorn and for it to trigger review requests using automation is very helpful and time saving. Also having all the reviews in one place consistently is very helpful.”

Read the review here. 

“[Great Recruiters] brings in the reviews, and our technology allows them to display en masse.” 

Read the review here. 

“Trust and credibility is everything, and Great Recruiters allows the people you have worked with to give you a completely candid, honest review of the work that you did.”

Read the review here. 

Return on Reviews with Ventura MedStaff

2. Return on recruiters: brand elevation and improved performance

As we mentioned above, your biggest investment is your people. A platform like Great Recruiters helps to maximize your return on recruiters in two ways:

  • External return on recruiters—leveraging reviews to build your personal brand and social proof, elevating the agency brand in the process
  • Internal return on recruiters—leveraging reviews to identify where they’re succeeding (positive reviews) or failing (negative reviews) and adjust their performance accordingly

Why is this important? Well, we hear a lot of staffing companies talk about how important candidate and client experience is to them. If candidate experience is so important, why don’t you have a platform to manage it? 

ATSs aren’t built to manage it. Automation platforms aren’t built to manage it. Survey programs aren’t built to manage it in real time. You need to invest in candidate experience—starting with an experience management platform like Great Recruiters—to measure, maintain, and even improve the experiences you create.

According to Scott Barry, Director of Marketing for Ventura MedStaff, “One of the things that sets Ventura MedStaff apart from other agencies is the quality of our recruiters. Now it’s not just lip service. We actually have validated numbers to back that up.” 

Here’s how Great Recruiters users leverage the platform to improve both recruiter performance (internal) and elevate their brands (external): 

“Great Recruiters allowed our team to really showcase the great interactions we have with our candidates on a day to day basis and use those reviews for growth.”

Read the review here. 

“The structure of the technology either captures positive reviews, which you can then push out onto the internet, or negative reviews, which you can utilize to improve your internal operations, sales, and recruiting functions.”

Read the review here. 

“Great Recruiters is a simple yet effective way to solicit reviews for your recruiters and onboarding team. The hidden gem in this product is that it is a place for your unhappy candidates to vent before they go out on the public interwebs and blast the recruiter or our firm. Ben Franklin was right and ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ has never held more true.”

Read the review here. 

According to Aaron Grossman, CEO of TalentLaunch Network, “Initially, our focus on the value proposition was directed externally to our customers…We wanted to leverage [Great Recruiters] to enable our customers to give our recruiters ‘real time’ feedback on their experience.”

However, TalentLaunch not only leveraged the technology to drive external awareness, but improve their internal performance. “While this brought flexibility to our staff, [remote work] also forced us to change how we infused our culture into the organization. We quickly recognized that Great Recruiters was a part of our transition…[it] aligns with our overall mission and is a core part of our comprehensive customer experience strategy.”

As one COO in healthcare staffing put it, “We believe that creating raving fans is critical to our success, and Great Recruiters is a core part of how we measure that, so much so that it has become ingrained in our culture!”

Return on Recruiters

3. Return on referrals: build candidate & client pipeline

Not only does an investment in candidate experience increase the quantity and quality of reviews and enhance recruiter performance, it is also a major driver of referrals and impacts the bottom line directly. 

Victoria Kinakin-Liew, a recruiter for Aplin, received eight referrals from a single review that she shared on Facebook. Hear her full story below: 

What Can One Shared Review Do For You?

Another GR user says they received “countless connections and job leads” from Great Recruiters. Yet another: “It’s given us multiple referrals we wouldn’t get otherwise, and it’s provided our recruiters credibility and authority.”

But the return on referrals doesn’t just happen on the micro-level, but the macro as well: 

Return on Referrals

Great Recruiters: start getting ROI in hours, not days

Here’s the bottom line: investing in Great Recruiters can help you generate return on reviews, recruiters, and referrals in hours, not days. 

According to Scott Barry of Ventura MedStaff, “The biggest surprise was that it worked right away. I think in our first week we had twelve referrals already, and we were getting reviews the first hour we went live with it. It’s simple, easy to use, and it’s pretty much set-it-and-forget it.”

So with a platform this easy to use and with an undeniable track record of driving ROI, why on earth would you wait until the end of the year to start capturing feedback? 

The answer: you shouldn’t. Let’s get started today.