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YUPRO Placement: Using Great Recruiters to build strong, ongoing candidate connections

YUPRO Placement, a skills-first staffing firm specializing in placing historically overlooked talent, leverages Great Recruiters to measure their candidate experiences, build and maintain positive recruitment performance, and promote their brand through real-time feedback.

Compay Name: YUPRO Placement

YUPRO Placement’s mission is to place candidates from historically overlooked backgrounds into jobs with career and economic mobility. Unlike most staffing companies, they provide extensive career support, upskilling opportunities, and professional development, ensuring candidates are not just placed, but are prepared for sustained career growth. “Our focus is on the long-term success of our candidates, not just their immediate job placement,” says Margaret, Walkup, VP of Program and Partnerships. 


YUPRO Placement credits collaborating with Great Recruiters to support these successes:


Increase in YUPRO Placement Google reviews

average YUPRO Placement rating on Great Recruiters


of candidates would HIGHLY recommend YUPRO Placement to a colleague

“Great Recruiters has been instrumental as a tool in our arsenal, complementing our proactive engagement strategies and enabling us to maintain strong, ongoing connections with our candidates.”

– Tirranny Nettles, National Director of Recruiting at YUPRO Placement

YUPRO Placement

YUPRO Placement engaged Great Recruiters to broaden their scope in the candidate experience and optimize automation to capture real-time reviews.  This would allow for immediate recognition and feedback to their team where timeliness is essential to service excellence.  With Great Recruiters, they can measure candidate experiences, build and sustain positive recruiter performance, drive candidate engagement, and ultimately, elevate the candidate experience and YUPRO Placement brand.

YUPRO Placement on Great Recruiters

1. Measuring & quantifying the candidate experience

Known for its award-winning approach to career readiness and job placement, YUPRO Placement encountered a significant challenge: the lack of quantitative measures for the candidate’s experience. “We believed our candidates were having positive experiences, but lacked the data to back this up,” states Nettles. The introduction of Great Recruiters brought a transformative change, offering concrete data that affirmed the positive experiences the organization strove to deliver. This integration was a major milestone, transforming subjective success stories into objective, data-driven results 

“The ability to quantify the candidate’s experience, as well as obtain sincere candidate testimonials, enables us to capture the operating reality in which we’re working,” said Senior Marketing Manager Corey Wagner. Having that transparency is crucial to our success. Our CEO, Michelle Sims, even receives the recruiter dashboard weekly and sends positive notes to recruiters on the leaderboard.”

2. Maintaining excellence in recruitment performance

When asked what helps motivate their team to continue to excel, Nettles answered, Our team at YUPRO Placement, known for their genuine, responsive, and experienced approach, have effectively utilized Great Recruiters as a platform to further enhance these traits, ensuring continuous development and excellence in our recruitment processes.”

Furthermore, Nettles said, “Great Recruiters helps us perform quality assurance on how we’re doing by helping us see where we may be missing the mark, and how we can be just a little bit better.” 

At the same time, Great Recruiters not only validated YUPRO Placement’s effectiveness but also surfaced opportunities where recruiters could incrementally improve their performance. “It’s an opportunity to coach the recruiter on how they can be just 1% better each day —and our recruiters want to have those conversations because they want to be the best in the industry.” 

A key feature that stands out for YUPRO Placement is the ‘Action Items’ function. This feature empowers the team to identify and personally engage with candidates who may not have had the best experience. It’s this level of personalized attention and commitment to resolving issues, no matter how small, that truly sets YUPRO Placement apart in the staffing industry. 

3. Driving candidate engagement

Great Recruiters significantly enhanced YUPRO Placement candidate engagement, chiefly due to its automated review process. This feature offers real-time insights into team performance, enabling recruiters to swiftly address issues and engage with candidates soon after a review or an inquiry, with a response rate goal of 24 hours or less.

Katie Breault, Senior Vice President of Growth & Impact at YUPRO Placement, highlights the platform’s quick integration and its impact: “We quickly adapted to Great Recruiters, which has transformed our engagement approach. The real-time feedback mechanism keeps us informed about our team’s performance and allows for prompt action and team sharing of positive experiences.”

Nettles adds, “Great Recruiters enables our team to maintain strong, ongoing connections with our candidates. This aligns with our lifetime commitment to our community’s career success.”

4. Elevating brand reputation

YUPRO Placement has significantly enhanced their external brand reputation with the implementation of Great Recruiters. A key to this success is their approach of publicly sharing reviews, which promotes transparency and builds trust with their talent community.

Wagner reflects on this achievement: “Our collaboration with Great Recruiters has been integral in promoting our brand. Sharing our reviews publicly has not only validated the quality of our services but also played a pivotal role in boosting our reputation.”

This strategy of open communication and leveraging customer feedback has led to a substantial increase in their Google Reviews, moving from just 5 to over 40, showcasing the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their overall score is currently 4.68 stars. 

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When asked about the experience of onboarding with Great Recruiters, Nettles remarked, “We were set up within hours, not days or weeks, and started receiving reviews instantaneously.”

The value of the Great Recruiters experience goes beyond the product itself, but also extends to the support from our Customer Success team. Nettles shares, “I could not say enough about David George. He’s a brilliant person to have as the first line of defense for this product. So, it’s been a really positive experience.”

Overall, YUPRO Placement considers Great Recruiters a core component of their tech stack, integrated with Tracker, empowering them to measure, validate, and further expand the success of their mission. 

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Healthcare Staffing Firm Delivers Record Referrals with Great Recruiters and Staffing Referrals in the First 30 Days

Healthcare Staffing Firm Delivers Record Referrals with Great Recruiters and Staffing Referrals in the First 30 Days