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GIFTED Healthcare: Growing Referrals, Recruiters, and Performance

GIFTED Healthcare, a top travel nursing staffing agency, leverages relationships and personal touch as a competitive differentiator. Over the past three years, Great Recruiters has helped GIFTED measure the experiences they create, leading to better and longer lasting relationships.

In an industry where the future of the human recruiter is in question, GIFTED has leveraged technology and automation to empower and enhance their team, not replace it. Learn more about how Great Recruiters empowered them to achieve this goal.

Company Name: GIFTED Healthcare

Since 2006, GIFTED Healthcare has worked to build a reputation as an advocate for clinicians, empowering them to make the most of their careers and lives.

By handling the career journeys of their clinicians and the recruitment efforts of their clients, GIFTED Healthcare reduce stress and open the door for better outcomes. Best of all, the nurses trust that GIFTED Healthcare will invest in their careers, fight for their well-being, and put their needs first.

The results speak for themselves. GIFTED Healthcare continues to receive recognition as a Best Travel Nurse Agency by The Gypsy Nurse, the world’s largest online community for travel nurses, and status as a Top 20 Travel Nursing Company by BluePipes, the premier professional networking platform for the healthcare industry.


Slowed Referral Growth

In 2019, GIFTED noticed a slowdown in referrals, prompting them to seek out a solution. Great Recruiters enabled them not only to capture reviews and measure experiences, but convert those experiences into referral growth.


Double Referral Hires in 90 Days

In the first three months of adopting Great Recruiters, GIFTED increased their referral conversion rate, reduced time-to-hire, and doubled their referral hires.



Leveraging Technology to Enhance Experiences

Over the last three years, GIFTED has built an average 4.8-star rating for their recruiters and collected nearly 6,000 reviews on facilities, clients, and placements, enabling them to measure and maintain the full cycle of experiences their recruiters face.




90-day increase in referral hires


All-time referral growth since inception

“When we started out with Great Recruiters, it was cool to see the new feedback come in. Now that we’re three years into it, the exponential positive outcome vastly outweighs the short-term mindset we had going in.

Bo Molbert

Manager of Client and Customer Success, GIFTED Healthcare

GIFTED Healthcare: From referrals to full-cycle visibility

GIFTED Healthcare is an industry leader in providing creative workforce solutions for healthcare facilities. GIFTED simplifies workforce management by perfectly matching healthcare facilities with the highly-skilled, dependable clinicians most suited for a given clinical environment. 

For GIFTED, core values are the foundation of everything they do. One of their primary missions is to embody their values—compassion, diversity, fun, inclusivity, and resilience—into every step of their process. To do this, GIFTED must measure the experiences they create to see whether they’re moving the needle and maintaining their signature personal touch. 

Enter Great Recruiters. Not only does Great Recruiters help GIFTED gain reviews on recruiter experiences, but also placements and facilities. 

In short, with Great Recruiters, GIFTED is able to measure, maintain, and enhance a nurse’s experience from beginning to end. While referrals were GIFTED’s initial success metric, the level of insight into their experiences “vastly outweighs the short-term mindset we had going in,” according to Bo Molbert, Manager of Client and Customer Success.

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1. Improving recruiter performance & organizational efficiency

Before Great Recruiters, GIFTED had an ad hoc, on-the-fly method for collecting feedback. Now, they have a clear process and automation to close the feedback loop and, more importantly, take action on those reviews. 

Even in the best run organizations, the occasional bad experience happens. With Great Recruiters, GIFTED is able to fill in the cracks and spot issues before they balloon into major problems. 

In this way, they use the technology to empower and support the human recruiter, rather than replace them. “Technology is not the strategy, but it supports the strategy,” said Molbert. “That’s where Great Recruiters has really helped us out: our strategy has always been to empower our recruiters to be the best they can be. You can see that in the testimonials we receive.” 

“We want to be the best in a world where technology is rampant. The X factor is our relationship with the recruiter. That’s what’s going to make people come back.” 

Often, the GIFTED team will identify areas where a recruiting director needs to step in and coach a recruiter. Sometimes, the reviews call attention to areas where GIFTED can improve their processes.

2. Individual recruiter brand elevation

While GIFTED has invested in building their own brand, Great Recruiters has helped their recruiters “build their own personal brand, getting their own book of business, growing who they are as a recruiter and GIFTED Healthcare employee.” 

Then the recruiter brand elevation builds to elevate the GIFTED brand. “It’s fantastic because we can put these reviews on our website, we can share them on social media, we can blast it out to the world that our employees are best-in-class. You won’t get this kind of service anywhere else except for GIFTED Healthcare.”

And there’s a direct correlation between this increased brand elevation and the bottom line: a 17X increase in referrals since inception. “It speaks to the level of passion that our team has when working with their clinicians,” said Molbert.

3. Full-cycle recruiter, client, and facility feedback

One of the things that GIFTED emphasizes is full-cycle feedback: from the recruiter to the client and the facility. “We certainly expected to get value on the recruiter reviews. What was new—and something we weren’t sure how it was going to play out—was gaining feedback on the facilities and gaining feedback from nurse managers,” said Molbert. 

That level of feedback has provided value for everyone within GIFTED’s circles of influence. “We’re able to use that information in a variety of different ways. We’ve become a source of truth for the facilities that we work with. Plus, we’re able to make better matches for facilities, departments, and address those issues in a way that we haven’t had visibility into before.”

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What’s next for GIFTED + Great Recruiters?

The primary reason for the success of the GIFTED + Great Recruiters partnership is an alignment in values. We both believe in the role of technology in enhancing the human experiences—not replacing it. 


By measuring and enhancing the experiences they create, GIFTED leans into their competitive differentiator in a way that’s scalable and future-focused. Going forward, we expect they will continue this path of growth within the healthcare staffing sector.

If you’d like to see how Great Recruiters can do the same for you, get started with a free company account.

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