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Why Positive Candidate Experience Matters in Recruitment

Why Positive Candidate Experience Matters in Recruitment

Oct 5, 2021

As a staffing agency, there is no other joy than finding your clients satisfied with their new hires. Sending quality employees to your clients’ workforce is the goal of your recruitment firm. This is where putting a premium and upping your game on candidate experience can help you.

4 Benefits of Upholding Positive Candidate Experience

You might ask, “Why is candidate experience important again?” Well, there are more reasons other than client satisfaction or better brand reputation for your firm. So, let’s delve into these other reasons why you should consider upholding candidate experience and the ways to tweak your recruitment agency’s efforts to produce positive candidate experiences.

1. A good hiring experience maintains connections.

Looking for new applicants can be tedious work. Having a talent pool of former applicants helps in keeping the search shorter. But the thing is, if these possible candidates only remember your firm’s not-so-pleasant efforts during a past hiring process with you, bridges are automatically burned. Maintaining a positive candidate experience helps in keeping your relationship with former applicants intact. They may not have gotten the job the first time, but your genuine effort to get them employed shines through, and that is worth banking on.

For instance, in cases of rejection, sending emails should be timely and brief. Applicants will appreciate being told they should move on to the next opening because they will no longer waste time waiting for results. In the email, include that your firm would like to keep their documents on file for future openings, and they can still look into your staffing agency’s openings and apply again. Thank them for taking the time to go through the hiring process, and wish them all the best in their professional journey. These words send off the applicant with positive thoughts at a stressful time in their careers. Your recruitment agency will then be remembered for being considerate.

2. A positive candidate experience is connected to your firm’s bottom line.

What does your recruitment agency stand for? As a company, you surely have a set mission, vision, objective, or values to adhere to. These values sell your agency to potential clients, and merely letting batches of applicants through your hiring process won’t uphold these. Valuing positive candidate experience as a unit puts everyone in the staffing agency at the same level of understanding of what the company stands for.

When evaluating your recruitment process, always ask: “How does it relate to the bottom line?” Asking this question reminds your recruiters of the firm’s values and gives them collective grounding. Ensure that your team has a copy of your firm’s mission-vision-objective handy to remind them of what your firm’s bottom line is. This will serve as their compass whenever there is confusion on resolving errors or a debate on what actions will best lead to positive candidate experiences. In addition, a firm grasp of your bottom line will give your recruiters a sense of purpose, and this will reflect on how they treat your potential hires.

3. Great candidate experiences fortify your recruiter brand.

If you treat your candidates right, they’ll only say good things about you. Remember, whatever your agency does can be the topic of a future online review or social media post. Consumers nowadays choose online reviews over advertisements when deciding their next purchase. Hence, prospective clients and potential hires may also read about your recruitment agency before availing of your services. So improving your treatment of applicants will lead to better candidate feedback.

It’s not enough to solicit reviews; make sure to ask immediately after the hiring process when details are still fresh from memory. Give an option on how and where candidates can write feedback by providing links to your company’s profiles on job hunting sites or social media handles. It would be best if you also collected feedback for your firm’s use. Reviews that showcase your recruitment process’ strengths and victories can be published on your firm’s website or social media pages for the public to see. Communications you send to potential clients may also include snippets of these rave reviews to emphasize that your recruitment firm puts importance to candidate experience a lot.

4. Attract top talent through superb candidate experiences.

Top talent comes in the form of applicants who know what a good hiring process is. They may be professionals who have a fair share of application experiences ranging from delightful to harrowing. They can also be top-tier employees, even managers, who leave their current posts to seek a career change. How you have been treating your potential hires will surely catch up to these so-called top talents. They won’t dare give it a shot with a shoddy recruitment firm because top talents know they are not just for any company.

To entice the cream of the crop to apply, make sure to implement your best practices on them. In replying to their applications or sending invitations through social media profiles, brief them of what they should expect from the hiring process. Provide a timeline of how the process will go, and mention how steps are made efficient to waste no one’s time. Throw in a few quotes from positive reviews, plus feedback from happy company clients. Top-tier applicants will see through the charade if you’re only masking your firm’s deficiencies, but if your recruitment brand is backed up by feedback, they’ll definitely consider getting a job through you.

Streamline the feedback process to improve candidate experience.

Since bridging positive candidate experiences to a positive recruiter brand involves gathering feedback, your firm should invest in making the review collection process a lot smoother and easier to work with. Manually collating reviews will prove to be a pain. With numerous companies counting on automated means, it’s high time your staffing agency also uses technology to gather feedback and use its content. Allow Great Recruiters to bridge the gap.

Great Recruiters is the premium online reputation management software designed solely for recruitment agencies. Great Recruiters’ sophisticated technology will allow scheduled feedback gathering and collate data in a timely fashion, so you can pinpoint what is said about your agency in no time. Negative critiques are ultimately translated to tweaks in the recruitment process, while praises for a job well done are sent to you as ready for publishing.

Afraid the software might be “too technical” for you? The platform introduces a dashboard and visualizations that will explain all data with ease. Also, new users can be onboarded as quickly as 48 hours, with a two-hour training on how to navigate the system.

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