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Ensure you are always delivering the best candidate experience, even in the most challenging times.

Great Recruiters empowers you to capture, act-on, measure, and promote real-time feedback from candidates.

  • Ensure quality of service stays high
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Automate real-time feedback capture with Bullhorn, celebrate positive testimonials, get rewarded with referrals, and have peace of mind that your recruiters aren’t missing a beat.

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“We’ve been seeing a lot of reviews come in via GR, it definitely helps show who is on the ball and working productively from home! The feedback coming in also is acting as a morale boost. A glowing testimonial makes team members feel great. Managers who are sharing these testimonials with their teams are inspiring others as well.”

– Manager  |  Healthcare Staffing Firm

“Great Recruiters is a great tool in today’s climate; a lot of candidates are coming onto the market, and it helps us stand out against other agencies.”

– Sr. Recruiting Manager  |  Staffing Firm