Review a Recruiter

Disruptive technologies are changing the face of staffing and recruiting. It seems just about every day a new chatbot or online recruiting platform is introduced or another article emerges on innovative uses of AI and machine learning.

With all these changes, there’s a lot of uncertainty. A lot of recruiters are wondering what their role will be in the near future. Conferences and articles ask again and again: will robots replace recruiters?

Think of it this way. Sites like Zillow and Redfin have revolutionized the way we find homes. They help people find better-fit houses at their exact price range, in just the neighborhood they want. 

But these sites didn’t eliminate the need for a realtor. Now, instead of wading through the specifics of house listings, realtors offload that busy work with technology. And homebuyers still rely on their realtor’s experience, relationships, and guidance to help them through the stressful, daunting process of buying a home. 

The same is true in recruiting. No matter how fast AI gets at matching candidates with jobs or how savvy machine learning gets at anticipating client need, we’ll still need recruiters. Candidates will need recruiters to help them through the stress of finding a new job, navigating new companies, and making the best choices. 

So, disruptive tech isn’t going to replace recruiting teams. But it can take away the busy work and make the day-to-day easier so you and your team can spend time on what really matters. 

Here are 6 daily recruiting problems every recruiter faces and the companies who are using disruptive technology to solve them.


Problem #1: Busywork

Recruiting thrives on connection. With so much daily outreach, it’s no surprise that recruiters’ text and email inboxes are full. Their phones are constantly ringing, and they’re often drowning in paperwork. Some aspects of outreach demand a personal touch — but for the regular check-ins, job blasts, and timesheet reminders, a little automation can be a much-needed life preserver.

Who’s solving this? Herefish is a recruiting automation platform that automates busywork so you can focus on the warm touches that build candidate, client, and contractor relationships. By monitoring activity and using intelligent triggers, Herefish can automate complex workflows that include email, text, surveys, and data hygiene.


Problem #2: Spotty Candidate Engagement

Recruiters aren’t the only ones who are getting inundated. Top candidates are contacted by dozens of different firms, and as a result, candidate engagement is becoming increasingly difficult. Candidates ignore emails, send calls to voicemail, and ghost recruiters at an alarming rate. So, how do you engage a candidate when your go-to modes of outreach are leading to nothing but crickets?

Who’s solving this? TextUs is a real-time text-messaging platform that helps staffing firms open personal, 1-to-1 conversations with their audience. Their mission is to reach candidates through a multi-channel approach, and since everyone lives on their phones, that outreach often starts with a well-timed, thoughtful text message. Unlike email and phone outreach, text messages are read 98% of the time.


Problem #3: Wrong-Fit Candidates

You can do your very best. You ask all the right questions, screen for the qualifications, listen closely to what the client needs — and you still may lose a candidate after just a few weeks in a new position. The anecdote to a bad fit? Over 85% of employers say referrals are the best hires

Who’s solving this: Staffing Referrals is an automated referral management platform built for the staffing and recruiting industry. Instead of relying on recruiters one-off outreach or candidate memory, Staffing Referrals helps you promote, manage, and scale your referral program through automation. Clients increased their referrals by up to 67% and boosted their referral placements by up to over 40% with the platform.


Problem #4: Slow Submission Time

Often, the most time-consuming activity in the candidate journey is gathering paperwork. Every step of the process — from waiting for a candidate to submit to reviewing paperwork, from completing tests to collecting background checks — can slow placements and cost firms money. What’s more, candidates’ top complaint about the placement process is often the tediousness of onboarding, especially when it comes to documentation, and talent is often turned off by the idea of repeating the process across multiple agencies.

Who’s solving this: Wanderly is a Reimagined Recruitment Marketplace that stores all of a candidate’s necessary information, application, certifications, licenses, skills checklists, and personal information in one location. The platform provides this information to the staffing firm for seamless submission within hours. Not only does this save staffing firms time and money, but it also improves the experience for the candidate.


Problem #5: Poor Mobile Experience

Today’s candidates expect the seamless on-demand experience offered by mobile apps that help them navigate their lives: banking apps, rideshare apps, even dating apps. In fact, 86% of time on mobile devices is spent using apps. Though most firms have mobile-friendly websites, they are missing out on the native mobile environments that users crave. The result? Many candidates abandon applications, underutilize referral programs, and complain of inefficient user experience on mobile. 

Who’s solving this: StaffUpApp has built a white-label mobile app for staffing and recruiting firms to brand 100% as their own to enhance and modernize the active and passive candidate experience. StaffUpApp allows for a quick apply process, encourages more referrals and better communication through push notifications and texting, and ensures your candidates will see your jobs first via job alerts.


Problem #6: Negative Online Reputation

The candidates you want are searching for you on Google — and the first thing they see is your Google rating aggregated from external review sites. If a single candidate has a bad day and airs their grievances in a one-star review, it can drive away 22% of your potential business. The more negative reviews you get, the deeper the impact on your reputation. What’s worse is that you very little ability to address that bad review or offer the counter-argument of all the great feedback you get from candidates every day.

Who’s solving this: Great Recruiters is the only real-time review and reputation management platform built specifically for staffing firms. With Great Recruiters, you can automate the review process, get instant candidate feedback, track NPS, and improve online reviews. Great Recruiters improves the candidate experience, differentiates your firm, and increases referrals and placements. Clients increased their Google rating by up to 24%, tripled placed candidate retention rates, and boosted candidate referrals by 70% with Great Recruiters.


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