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“It Was Love at First Sight” — How Astute Technical Improved Recruiter Performance and Increased Their Earning Potential with Great Recruiters

Jan 3, 2019

Technical recruitment consultancy Astute Technical prides themselves on being an ethical business built on excellence, diligence, and drive. They enjoy their success and are currently peerless in their niche market, recruiting technical candidates for power stations, water treatment, and waste management facilities in the UK.

Though things are going well for Astute, they’ve never been a company to rest on their laurels, says Matt Dickens, Astute Sales Director. “We’re always very conscious you shouldn’t be complacent. You need to continually look inwards and validate your perception of how well you are doing against external sources so that you don’t wake up one day and find a sizeable chunk of your marketplace has been taken over by a competitor.”

With an eye towards constant improvement, Astute began a journey to explore and improve their candidate experience. During that journey, Dickens realized the success of their company rests on the satisfaction of their talent. They tried out several tools to gauge talent satisfaction, but they all missed the mark.

That’s when Astute decided to partner with Great Recruiters, the candidate and experience platform built specifically with recruiters in mind. Great Recruiters collects real-time candidate reviews of recruiters through an ATS integration. It allows firms to rank their recruiters on candidate satisfaction metrics, compare team performance to industry standards, and develop an agency-wide knowledge base of performance-related action items. All testimonials are openly shared on their website, across social, and on a company microsite.

“For me, the moment I started considering the Great Recruiters system, it was love at first sight,” said Dickens.

By partnering with Great Recruiters, Astute gained a clear picture of their candidate experience, developed actionable insight into recruiter performance, increased their team’s earning potential and were able to share their greatness with the world.


Here’s how.

Astute’s candidates established the firm as one to be trusted.

With Great Recruiters, Astute’s satisfied candidates told the story of a genuine, transparent, and responsive company. Their dedicated microsite boasts nearly 300 reviews with a 4.7-star average, leaving little doubt that this is a company that can be trusted.

“Let’s face it, there are many recruiters who would sell their own grandma to get ahead. It’s an industry that needs to repair its reputation,” said Dickens. “So if you want to stand apart, you need to have your candidates shouting about your successes. They’re the people other candidates trust.”

Astute’s microsite gives viewers an in-depth, personal look at the performance of their individual team members.

Here, you can get a sense that Astute recruiter Arjun is helpful and responsive.






These positive reviews of Astute recruiter Cherie focus on her expertise and skill at sharing industry-specific information through the recruiting process:



This information is gathered to rate Astute on the qualities candidates care about most in their recruiters. They want them to be genuine, responsive, experienced, transparent, and a true advisor.

All Astute candidates are able to communicate the company’s values and help future candidates trust them from the get-go.


They improved recruiter performance by grounding learning and development in candidate feedback.

Recruiters can’t always see where their relationships with candidates are breaking down. Great Recruiters provided insight into recruiter performance, which helps Astute coach recruiters through their blind spots and target learning and development to recruiter weaknesses.

“With Great Recruiters by our side, we can be more surgical with our training. If someone is struggling, we can look at their candidates who have given not-so-positive reviews and understand, in real-time, what we can do to improve their process.”

So, not only has their partnership with Great Recruiters improved their brand presence, but it’s also helped strengthen the company by enhancing individual recruiter development.


They’ve grown their team’s earning potential.

Recruiters that know how to keep candidates happy are going to be more successful at their job. “It’s no surprise that generally speaking, the people who aren’t getting good reviews aren’t always hitting their sales targets,” says Dickens.

“By helping us be more effective with our learning and development, Great Recruiters has allowed us to boost the earning potential of our team.

Think of it this way. If we worked with a struggling consultant and supported them in delighting their candidates, that consultant goes from costing the company money and brand reputation to contributing to its success and profit.”


They’ve incentivized excellence.

Part of Astute’s success is due to the healthy competition that drives their team. With the Great Recruiters leaderboard, that competition is grounded in more than just placements – candidate experience is also a metric the team strives to perfect.

Dickens was impressed with Great Recruiters responsive algorithm, which takes into account a number of reviews alongside star ratings. A recruiter with 40 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 will rank higher than a recruiter with a single 5-star review. “It’s a really honors the recruiters who are working hard to keep their candidates happy,” said Dickens.

The designation of “Great Recruiter Certified” has also become a touchstone for the company. Once a recruiter gets 30 positive reviews, they are deemed Great Recruiters Certified. “It’s a nice accolade for our team to strive towards,” said Dickens.

“We have a ceremony, give them a nice bottle of something, shake their hand. Congratulate them in front of everybody. Then everybody is thinking, I want that. I want to be a Great Recruiter, too.”


About Astute Technical

Astute is the UK’s expert technical recruiter in the Power, Nuclear, Renewables, Waste and Water sectors. Specializing in the provision of professional technical staff across the UK into a range of businesses from small, start-up organizations to some of the country’s largest companies, this dynamic agency supports the full project life cycle of technical assets.

Over the course of a decade, Astute has grown to 30+ employees operating across five divisions, providing permanent and contract recruitment services. During this time they have gained a reputation for working closely with companies who have trusted them to provide entire teams to construct, commission, operate and maintain new assets like power stations and waste management facilities.