Review a Recruiter

iPlace, a global recruiting company has a motto: treat your clients and candidates like partners in your business — and your business will thrive. Since starting in 2006, iPlace has grown to over 500 recruiters and sourcers.

With such a rapidly scaling business, staying on top of recruiter-candidate relationships can be a challenge. Jerry Woods, VP of Recruiting, found monitoring candidate feedback and recruiter performance to be tedious and challenging.

If a candidate was unhappy with their experience, often managers wouldn’t find out until months down the line — if the candidate chose to say anything at all. Feedback was often vague or difficult to act on.

So iPlace went looking for a more streamlined, hassle-free process to collect candidate feedback and fix leaks before they turned into waterfalls. They found Great Recruiters.

Great Recruiters significantly improved candidate-recruiter relationships and issue-to-solution response time.


Here’s how.


Instant feedback improves recruiter performance.

“Our team is extremely positive,” said Woods. “Everyone wants to learn and get better.” Woods found that measuring recruiter success, however, was a challenge. He wanted a more automated solution.

The solution came in the form of a simple feedback link in the Great Recruiters platform, available to candidates at any part of their journey. The feedback is instantly sent to the recruiter and their manager so issues can be clocked and fixed immediately.

When recruiters know the feedback is transparent and quick, they’re more motivated. “In the first few months, recruiters are at the top of their games,” said Woods. “The work is fresh in their minds. Over time — and it’s no one’s fault — things begin to slide. Instant feedback prevents that slide.”

By making the reference reviews a permanent part of the candidate journey, iPlace was able to stay on top of issues before they have a chance to spiral.

And quickly, the correlation became clear: the top performers were those who were getting the highest feedback.


Easy automation turns problems into solutions.

In companies with hundreds of recruiters and managers, it can feel impossible to know how every division is running. If a candidate is unhappy or has a suggestion, the communication pipeline could be long and convoluted. Having all this information in one, easy-to-access place solved this for iPlace.

Woods said, “The biggest thing Great Recruiters helped us with is automation. Everything’s just built into the system. If a candidate isn’t happy, they can raise the flag without going through any hassles. It’s cut down response time enormously.”

Recruiters can see instantly how they stack up against others in their division — and in their industry.



Personalized customer service makes the implementation process a breeze

It can be tough to implement new technology, found Woods. Team members get used to a routine — and changing up that routine can often feel chaotic. One detail Woods found special about Great Recruiters was their responsiveness and eagerness to make sure the platform worked within iPlace.

Woods was surprised at how quickly his own feedback was received and implemented.

“Great Recruiters went out of their way to really make things happen. They adapted the tool in small ways to make it work for us,” said Woods. “It sounds like an easy job – it’s not. I really appreciated that careful attention.”

iPlace, is a global recruiting company. Founded in 2006, it’s the largest company providing offshore recruiting services to US firms from India. They’re rapidly expanding and expect to more than double their headcount over the next two years. iPlace provides sourcing and recruiting services to staffing companies and corporations spread across North America, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. iPlace is about performance, process, getting results, and treating clients and employees as partners in their business.