Review a Recruiter

We sat down with Mariah Wagner, Senior Technical Recruiter at Benchmark IT, who discussed out she got started in recruiting and how Great Recruiters helps her stand out from the competition as she rebuilds her pipeline.

When I’m first reaching out to candidates and they’re wondering who I am and what I’m about, they want to do their research. Right now, it’s been a time when a lot of companies aren’t hiring and we had a bit of downtime. So, trying to build back up the pipeline, having Great Recruiters platform set me apart.

I had a call with a candidate the other day, and he said, “I’m getting a lot of calls and I want to do my due diligence before we continue this conversation because there are a lot of bad recruiters out there.”

And I can’t argue with that. Unfortunately, there are. So, he went over my [Great Recruiters] profile and my LinkedIn and it alleviated his concerns. He could see I’m legitimate, I’ve actually helped people. People have enjoyed their experience working with me and with Benchmark.

Mariah Wagner, Senior Technical Recruiter at Benchmark IT