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CCS Construction Staffing, founded in 2008 by veteran recruiter Matt Telmanik, has wildly grown since inception.

In 2017, the staffing company cleared $43 million with a small team of 43 employees. With such exponential success and a growing team, Telmanik knew he’d need to quickly find technology that scaled with them — especially when it came to keeping tracking of recruiter-candidate relationships.

While CCS kept a tight focus on recruiter performance and keeping candidates happy, they often found themselves playing the role of firefighters instead of strategists.

Telmanik said, “When we received an angry phone call or email, we’d get out the fire extinguisher. We’d get the problem fixed and the person happy, but we just moved on to the next fire. It wasn’t sustainable.”

Because of their fast growth, they found themselves mired in a couple of issues.

    1. How could they oversee recruiter-candidate relationships as the business grew?
    2. How could they implement long-term solutions instead of bandaids?
    3. How could they take control of their reputation across the internet?

When Telmanik found Great Recruiters — a reputation management software — he found these issues were solved — and quickly.

Here’s how.


They improved performance — from new to seasoned recruiters

Telmanik was a recruiter at a large company before he started CCS Construction Staffing in 2008. While he was successful and loved his job, he knows first-hand how recruiters need a little motivation to stay fresh.

“I was good at my job before I founded CCS,” said Telmanik. “But I wasn’t always thinking long-term — I’d fill the job I needed and move on without staying connected to candidates who didn’t fit that particular job. I probably lost valuable connections because of this.”

If he’d had Great Recruiters, he reflected, he would’ve been more aware of how important those relationships were.

“If I’d seen reviews each day — good or bad — I would’ve paid closer attention to all aspects of my relationship with the candidate. I would’ve been a more efficient recruiter.”

So when it came time to start his own company, Telmanik was happy to find Great Recruiters, which allows candidates to give instant feedback through open-ended survey forms. Managers and recruiters then see these ratings instantly along the candidate journey.

“It’s been great for recruiters at all levels,” said Telmanik. “New recruiters get a solid foundation to start with — and we can show clients our recruiter reviews. Also, getting reviews helps prevent complacency in our seasoned recruiters. It’s been a win-win.”


They elevated their online reputation everywhere

As reviews rolled in and recruiters started to pivot and adjust, Telmanik noticed another significant change: their Google reviews — often the first entry in any search for a staffing firm — started to go up.

Over a 6-month period after implementing Great Recruiters, CCS Construction Staffing’s rating went from 3.1 stars (69 reviews) to 4.5 stars (390 reviews).


Telmanik found this happened for a couple of reasons. First, getting instant feedback allowed managers and recruiters to catch candidate-recruiter issues before they became problems. This means candidates were happier overall with their experience.

And second, by paying close attention to their recruiters’ reputations, the organization as a whole started analyzing their credibility across all platforms. By honing in on specific data through Great Recruiters, they overhauled their narrative in Google searches, online review sites, and social media.

“It’s been cool. Our social media manager will post our 5-star ratings across Facebook and Twitter, which then feeds into the internet at large. Our company started getting noticed everywhere,” said Telmanik.


They upped their ratings across the recruiting industry

Immersed in their own company’s work, Telmanik often found it difficult to know where they stood compared to their competition. They had a vague idea that they were doing a great job, but no real numbers.

“The name of the game right now for recruiting is candidate engagement,” said Telmanik. “If your temporary staff is not happy then they’ll just go next door to somebody else. So we needed to know what exactly was going on ‘next door.’”

Great Recruiters made this easy by providing a dashboard with industry stats. Telmanik is able to see these stats when he logs in each morning.

And the news was pretty good.  “We’re pretty much above the average each week, which is really cool. It’s so great to easily see where we fit into the baseline.”

Overall, what Telmanik found was validation — validation that their recruiters were on the right track, that their organization was running smoothly and in line with the industry average, and above all — that their candidates were getting the personalized attention CCS strives for.

“Our recruiters love Great Recruiters,” said Telmanik. “Company morale is just elevated. We’re more organized, more excited to come to work and see how we’re doing. It’s been a huge win.”


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