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11th Fastest-Growing Staffing Firm: GrapeTree Medical Shares How They Used Staffing Tech Stack to Source 56 Candidates During COVID-19

May 6, 2020

GrapeTree Medical, the 11th fastest growing staffing firm in the country, shared how they built a staffing tech stack to align with their mission and accelerate growth. GrapeTree’s goal is to improve healthcare and exceed facility expectations with highly qualified healthcare professionals, the latest technology, and an emphasis on customer service.

In an effort to improve the candidate experience, GrapeTree Medical integrated Great RecruitersStaffing Referralsand TextUs into their tech stack and placed an additional 56 placements in less than 6 months. 

How did this tech stack help GrapeTree Medical? 

  1. Improved candidate experience and helped their team get ahold of candidates faster with text messaging 
  2. Launched outreach campaign for COVID-19 staffing needs that sourced 62 referral leads and 173 brand ambassadors in one week
  3. Placed over 56 placements directly from referral and review automation  
  4. Increased positive reviews and improved employee morale and effectiveness by implementing experience management that provides real-time feedback 
  5. Saved hours worth of paperwork with automated SMS outreach, referrals tracking, and review management

“We’re killing two birds with one stone by getting reviews and referrals at the same time,” said Myra Searles, Onboarding Specialist at GrapeTree Medical Staffing.

Searles estimates that GrapeTree connects with more candidates faster by sending referral program invites out via SMS. By using their tech stack with automated referral tracking, experience management, and business texting service, they can create 1:1 conversations with hundreds of candidates with just a few clicks.

“TextUs’ integration with Staffing Referrals has saved us a lot of time.”

How does it work: 

  1. Mass upload candidate information every two weeks to send automated referral and review invites out via TextUs and email
  2. Receive reviews and referrals in real-time 
  3. Automatically request referrals from candidates who leave positive reviews

“The tools are very self-explanatory and very user-friendly,” said Searles.“ At first, the recruiting team was a little wary about Great Recruiters, but now they’re super excited. It’s become an internal competition to see who can get GR certified first” 

“The new update with TextUs Next is phenomenal. I love that I can send a mass text and personalize it so it doesn’t feel like it’s automated. With all the leads that I have, I can reach out to 500 candidates within an hour.”

By being strategic with their staffing tech stack, GrapeTree accelerated their growth even further, improved the candidate experience, and increased employee morale. 

Learn how you can improve the candidate experience and speed your growth by perfecting your tech stack with Staffing Referrals, Great Recruiters, and TextUs.

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